7 Free Landing Page Builders In 2024

There are several free landing page builders available; however, the quality of many of them varies widely. You probably won’t want to put any of your financial resources into a landing page (LP) that doesn’t bring in any money.

Because of this, we have examined every self-hosted LP builder that is now available on the market. In addition, we made a real landing page for each of them so we could see how likely they were to bring in customers.

We’ll tell you which builders we’ve found to be the best, and we’ll also suggest the best landing page builder for you to use so you can get the best results.

The Top 7 Best Free Drag And Drop Landing Page Builders To Check Out

If, on the other hand, you don’t know the definition of a landing page, I strongly suggest that you click on the link above and read our in-depth discussion of the topic and why it’s important.

Now that we’ve made that point clear, we can move on to the list of the cheapest lead capture page builders, which has been arranged in order of hierarchy. 

1. ConvertKit Is The First Option

ConvertKit Free Landing Page Builders

The good news is that using ConvertKit to construct your first landing page and begin collecting emails from clients is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to do it. You also have the opportunity to expand your audience with their assistance.

There is no requirement that you become proficient in any programming language in order to use this mobile landing page builder. This is due to the fact that all of the most useful aspects of an LP tool have been merged into one for the purpose of making it easier to reach.

The ConvertKit free plan includes all of the features for building landing pages, such as the ones below.

  • Custom domains for every conceivable kind of lead capture page
  • compatibility with mobile devices and other electronic gadgets, often known as mobile friendliness
  • Magnificent free stock photographs available from Unsplash
  • More than 25 templates and examples of SEO landing pages with beautiful designs to choose from.
  • Use a call to action on “Thank You Pages” to get your subscribers to take action.

2. Wix Free Landing Page Builders

You’ve probably heard of the website builder Wix. With thirty or more free templates, a lot of companies are using them to build their websites and landing pages.

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Website owners have the ability to modify the structure of their websites, as well as the color scheme, fonts, and layout, by using the readily manipulable drag and drop landing page builder.

You may design your emails and social posts directly within our free platform, and you can still connect all of your relevant accounts so that the designs can be put into action. This will result in a higher conversion rate.

3. Carrd

I was wondering whether you were aware that “Card” is more than just a free landing page builder. This technology could also be used to make websites that are easy to use and respond quickly, which would help them rank higher in SERPs.

The Carrd lead capture page builder provides its users with a selection of pre-made templates that they may use to get started. You will still be able to do this even if you choose not to create an account on the platform.

It also includes relatively simple editing options, which allow users to add blocks of text, groups of photographs, videos, email forms, as well as other types of content writing example.

4. SITE123 Mobile Landing Page Builder

SITE123 Mobile Landing Page Builder

Landing page creation that is optimized for mobile devices is a strength of SITE123. You will have no trouble adding jump links to the various parts of your landing page if you use this builder.

They have made the editor’s interface incredibly simple and straightforward to use (especially for first-time users). But the lack of complexity may make it hard for you to make a lot of customized options.

You have the ability to adjust the colors of your landing pages, as well as the font size, font style, and font color when you use these types of free landing page builders (although the selection is a bit limited).

Additionally, you have the option of selecting pre-designed content blocks from the library and installing them in an effortless manner on your landing page. In addition, you may add components such as buttons and email form fields.

5. Google Sites

Google Sites is one of the best tools for creating a landing page that brings in leads, and it’s completely free to use. When building their page, they put most of their attention on adhering to the Google SEO Webmaster Guidelines.

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Because of how rapidly they work, you can also rely on them if you need to develop a page in a couple of minutes or less. Even though it might be hard to add a form to this website, it is not impossible.

In order to add your form, you will first need to develop it on your own in a separate step. The mobile landing page builder will automatically change to fit the new layout once it has been added.

6. Ucraft Free Drag And Drop Landing Page Builders

Ucraft is widely considered to be a website builder that enables users to generate landing pages at no cost. They are made to help small businesses set up a clean and responsive landing page.

They have designed their landing page in such a way that it is simple to navigate. The builder on Ucraft was developed so that each and every element, including buttons, may be dragged and dropped anywhere on the page.

On the other hand, this platform has only provided a total of 18 free landing page designs for users to utilize. Even though upgrading to the commercial edition (which costs $10 per month) gives you access to fifty-two more templates.

But does UCraft have a downside? Yes, without a doubt. The disadvantage arises from the fact that in order to access virtually any content block that is more complex than plain text, the premium version is required.

After you have created your website, you won’t be able to make any changes to the template of your landing page or the URL link. This is another one of its limitations. When you’ve decided on a certain framework, you’re going to have to stick with it.

7. Swipe Pages

This list of the 7 best free landing page builders that are now making waves on the Internet ought to end with the Swipe Page platform as the final entry.

With this builder, you can start working on any LP sample you want and then change it to fit your needs by using the drag-and-drop editing button to make an interesting CTA.

But if you upgrade to the paid version, you can use great features like A/B testing, dynamic text replacement, and a few others that are common in mobile landing page builders.

You are able to design swipeable mobile slides for smartphones and tablets with Swipe Page, which functions similarly to an app. This eliminates the need for tedious downward scrolling.

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This is also one of the best free landing page builders that offers website owners a far more natural method to interact with a destination page when viewed on a mobile device. This makes it one of the most frequently used tools overall.

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Which Free Landing Page Builder Is The Best One To Use?

Which Free Landing Page Builder Is The Best One To Use?

Through our testing of the different lead capture page builders listed above, we learned how important it is to include a number of key elements in the design and features of your page.

For example, if your landing page builder lets you change your forms, call-to-action buttons, and headlines so that they align with the standard of an optimized SEO title and description, this is a big plus.

On the other hand, our research and the information in this blog post show that the free drag and drop landing page builder that WIX offers is the one with the most features right now.

Wix will relieve you of the responsibility of coming up with ideas when it comes to the creation of any landing page, and as a result, you will have more time to modify the page so that it meets the requirements of your company.

Additionally, we found that their tool is one of the most user-friendly tools available for constructing web pages of any kind. They combined all of these capabilities in one location, which is exactly what the owners of the majority of websites will want.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to get bogged down with all of these options but you still want a landing page, you might want to check out Jimdo, which is a simpler but free landing page builder.

For the time being, that will have to do. On the other hand, if you are a user of WordPress and you want to narrow down your search for the best landing page builder, then we have something that you might be interested in.

And this is it: the self-hosted free WordPress landing page plugins. Check it out and see their awesome comparison!

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