33 Powerful Real Estate Keywords To Increase Traffic

Are you having problems coming up with lists of effective real estate keywords to improve traffic and drive quality leads to your real estate blog, the website for your business, or YouTube channel?

Don’t agitate; you’re not the only one feeling this way. Sometimes it can be very challenging to select the appropriate keywords, and you need a very high level of knowledge in SEO to build the very finest keyword there ever was.

As a result of this, the members of the EucarlMedia SEO team have come to the conclusion that we should compile this guide with the 33 real estate keywords that are most frequently searched for by clients and purchasers.

In addition to that, we are going to provide a comprehensive response to the query, “What is a real estate keyword?” In addition, instruction will be provided on how to find additional real estate keywords and how to improve your keyword research method.

What Is A Real Estate Keyword?

Words that are used to best describe the content of a certain website are referred to as real estate keywords. It is the search term for which you want a certain blog post or video to rank highly in search results.

It is also possible to refer to the collection of phrases as the group of words that real estate clients and buyers use when looking for any real estate services or items to acquire.

It’s possible that some keywords will receive a higher volume of searches than others. However, by using tools like SmallSEOTools or the SEO ranking tool goosuggest.com, you can determine how many times these specific real estate keywords were searched for.

List Of 33 Powerful Real Estate Keywords To Increase Traffic

List Of Powerful Real Estate Keywords To Increase Traffic

The following is a comprehensive list that we have compiled of the 30 most effective real estate keywords that will raise your position. You can produce content for your real estate blog website by using these keywords in various combinations.

On the other hand, the list has been partitioned into the following three sections:

  1. The most effective long-tail keywords for real estate.
  2. The best SEO keywords for real estate professionals (realtors).
  3. The most effective real estate keywords for generating leads.
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The Most Effective Long-tail Keywords For Real Estate

When people are seeking an answer to a question that is associated with real estate, they most frequently employ this type of long-tail keyword phrase in their search engine queries for a more specific answer.

Even though this category of long-tail keywords has a smaller search volume than other groups of keywords, it is still considered to be the most successful keyword since it targets a more precise goal and has a low KD%.

As a result of this, these groupings of keywords have become predominantly accepted by the best SEO real estate websites and other real estate professionals who are aware of the value of making use of them.

The following is a list of the top-picked real estate long-tail keywords that are used most frequently:

KeywordsSearch volumeDifficulty (KD%)
what does a real estate broker do1.5k68
where to look for a real estate agent2.0k70
how to invest in real estate business15.0k79
How much do real estate agents make in commission50080
commercial real estate agents near me1.0k50
keller williams real estate agents 1.5k 40
budget-friendly housing options 53263
step by step guide to buying a house 50071
list of real estate agents95050
Procedures for Purchasing a Home10.0k78

The Best SEO Keywords For Real Estate Professionals (Realtors)

SEO keywords for real estate agents are often phrases consisting of one to three words that are centered on the real estate sector. These property-related search terms have one of the greatest overall volumes of interest.

However, they are often tough to rank for, which means that their keyword difficulty (KD%) is high. This is because the term is used so frequently by realtors, which contributes to the high competition rates.

If you want to increase the ranking of your blog post using these SEO keywords for real estate professionals, you will need to have a number of backlinks of high-quality and an SEO-optimized content to rank better and get indexed easily.

The following is a list of the most effective SEO keywords for real estate professionals:

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KeywordsSearch volumeDifficulty (KD%)
realtor 2.3 million100
real estate 405.0k100
commercial real estate 90.0k98
homes for sale 300.0k99
estate broker 74.0k100
Property Listings MLS 70.0k100
brokerage agent 27.2k93
realty 33.0k100
new homes 28.6k98
my realtor 25k100
find a realtor 23.3k94

The Most Effective Real Estate Keywords For Generating Leads

The Most Effective Real Estate Keywords For Generating Leads

On a real estate website, these sets of keywords are utilized to increase the number of leads and conversions, as well as the number of prospective clients who end up purchasing your real estate services.

You should make use of these lead-generation keywords on the landing page to boost the conversion rate. Lead generation keywords focus on what a customer wants to acquire and benefit from, so including them, there will help improve the conversion rate.

Keep in mind that these particular real estate keywords are not only intended for blog web pages; in fact, you can utilize them to optimize your product pages and other important pages on a website as well.

The following is a list of the top real estate keywords for generating leads:

KeywordsSearch volumeDifficulty (KD%)
land for sale 201.0k80
Rooms for rent 11 million 100
Homes for Rent 100.0k100
we buy houses 15.0k62
houses for sale 670.3k98
luxurious properties 9.9k86
for sale by owner 220.1k100
vacation rentals 77.0k95
first time home buying 4.0k79
Apartments Currently Available 60.6k76
idx website 3.7k80

How To Find Additional Real Estate Keywords

Even though our list of the top 33 most effective real estate keywords is a great place to start for your company, it is probable that you will need to find additional keywords in order to communicate with your customers.

The following are the three most significant strategies for obtaining more keywords for your real estate business, which will make the process of researching your keywords more simple for you.

1. Make Use Of SEO Tools To Discover More Keywords

Utilizing tools that are designed for search engine optimization (SEO) is the most effective technique to discover additional real estate keywords. You can use these tools to determine which keywords are the most widely used.

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These SEO tools are also capable of analyzing many SERPs in order to estimate data such as the search volume of particular keywords, the keyword difficulty (KD%), and the search intent of the keyword.

You may use these tools to do an analysis of the websites of your rivals in order to determine which real estate keywords they are ranking for and then use that information to rank higher than them. Cheers!

Hire An SEO Expert 

This is where our services come into play because we do offer the service of assisting any company (including real estate companies) in doing keyword research that aims for a higher return on investment (ROI).

If you hire an SEO expert, you will, without a doubt, be provided with a straightforward spreadsheet that contains a list of the most effective real estate keywords to use in the optimization of your website and the generation of additional organic traffic.

You can hire an SEO expert by visiting the EucarlMedia contact page, or you can send us an email at [email protected] to receive a fast response. Bear in mind at all times that our service is simply the best in quality.

Research The SERPs For Your Keywords

Research The SERPs For Your Keywords

The following significant stage in finding additional real estate keywords is to look up and research the search engine results pages (SERPs) for possible keywords, sentences, and searcher questions, and then consolidate them further.

Make an effort to look for similar terms in real estate that are associated with the area around you and examine the results. Additionally, search for meta keywords related to real estate as well as the best real estate SEO keywords for the current year.

Be sure to take note of the “Related Searches Query” section, the “People also Ask” section, and the “People also Search For” section as you are conducting your real estate keyword research for SEO purposes.

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What Do You Think About These Powerful Real Estate Keywords?

First things first: I want to recommend that you choose at least 10 keywords from the list that has already been provided, and then I want you to write a blog post using those words as your seed keywords.

Are you at a loss as to what to do? Then take a deep breath and start producing content with between 1000 and 1500 words (only as a starting point), and after that, watch the density of your real estate keywords to avoid stuffing your content with keywords.

After that, you need to complete the blog post by editing it thoroughly and then publishing it. In order to further boost your indexing rate, you should also link back to this blog post.

In the event that the aforementioned writing process was not understandable to you, you may want to broaden your knowledge by reading our article titled “9 Best Google-Friendly Writing Tips.” This will help you understand how to write a post for your real estate blog.

In the following comment section, please let me know whether or not this real estate keyword list meets all of your expectations. I am looking forward to having a conversation with you.


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