How To Make Money On Facebook In Nigeria: 10 Proven Ways

There are numerous established and proven methods to make money on Facebook in Nigeria, primarily due to the platform’s status as the largest and most interactive social media network in the world.

Businesses of all sizes, including those operating only online, as well as government agencies, use Facebook to advertise and sell their products to potential customers.

Big businesses, meanwhile, utilize this platform to advertise their services and draw in new customers through search engine marketing initiatives, creating a valuable network in the process.

Individuals, however, will also have the opportunity to use Facebook to earn money regardless of their level of competence, thanks to this META-managed platform.

Nevertheless, this article is focused on providing recommendations for individuals in Nigeria and other countries on how to make the most of Facebook monetization.

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What You Must Do to Make Money on Facebook In Nigeria

How To Make Money On Facebook In Nigeria

So, what are the necessary steps for Facebook monetization so that you can begin cashing out with it? However, there is a minimal prerequisite that you should be able to fulfill.

But you should keep in mind that using Facebook to make money online is a complicated undertaking that does not have a straight route to success or a quick payoff.

However, you don’t have to put up any money right off the bat; all you need to start making money is some dedicated time and effort.

In order to use Facebook to earn money, make sure you first do the following:

Increase Your Social Network

If you want to be eligible for Facebook monetization, you should know that there is a maximum limit of 5,000 friends that need to be added to your friend list.

Given the anticipated difficulty of replying to thousands of friend invitations, it is critical to show steadfast attention to the task at hand.

Accumulate Many “Likes” On Your Page

You need to create a Facebook page and gain a large number of likes if you want to make money on Facebook in Nigeria without selling anything.

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Establishing a Facebook presence requires minimal effort and time investment (less than 10 minutes, on average). Therefore, you should continually strive to improve them.

Open A Group And Expand Your Network

The next step is to form a community and get many of your family and friends who could benefit from your product or service to become members.

One great feature of these Facebook groups is that anyone can take on an administrative role and organize it to better serve the requirements of its members.

Top 10 Ways On How To Make Money On Facebook In Nigeria

This section will explain the subject at hand and offer a method on how to quickly use Facebook to earn money from the comfort of your home.

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1. Produce Videos With In-stream Advertising

For video providers with a sizable fan base, in-stream advertising is highly effective since it may immediately grab the viewer’s attention.

People who are already in the middle of watching a video on Facebook are more likely to watch the entire ad if it doesn’t prevent them from finishing the video.

This goes against their typical practice of ignoring individual advertisements in favor of continuing on with their feed. As a result, when these users continue to view your advertisements, you will receive compensation.

2. Engage In Referral Program

To make money on Facebook in Nigeria, people use the referral opportunities provided by links. If, however, you know of a reputable online business that offers referral bonuses, you shouldn’t hesitate to work with them.

Many businesses in Nigeria (and other countries) recognize the value of word-of-mouth advertising and offer referral incentives to customers.

For example, Piggyvest, a Nigerian company, regularly offers incentives for referring new customers. You’ll earn a reward of around N1,000 if you bring them a new client.

3. Selling Items In The Facebook Marketplace

Selling Items In The Facebook Marketplace In Order To Make Money On Facebook In Nigeria

Another great way to maximize your Facebook monetization is to participate in e-commerce by providing products for sale through the Facebook Marketplace platform.

Depending on the user’s location, the time of year, the delivery fee, and other factors, the selection of goods available on this Facebook Marketplace may change.

Facebook users will also have the ability to make money on Facebook in Nigeria by selecting a regional storefront from which they wish to view products for purchase.

You can set the system to display goods that are in stock and can be purchased immediately within a certain distance of your home, for instance.

4. Monetize Your Facebook Fan Page With Sales

Do you realize that a lot of businesses have trouble with this? It’s not easy to get your posts to rank well enough in terms of relevance.

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Therefore, it is crucial to continually generate and disseminate good stuff that resonates with the audience if you want to make money on a Facebook fan page.

Don’t forget that the Facebook Selling Formula, as outlined by Kim Garst, can be summed up by the AIDA model; which entails achieving significant results, combining organic elements, being authentic, and selling occasionally.

Add A Paid Subscription To Your Page

If you implement a profitable membership model on your Facebook page, your dedicated fan base will provide a steady stream of monthly revenue.

This elegant strategy provides businesses and content creators with large and engaged audiences with a significant opportunity and competitive edge to monetize their many internet channels.

while rewarding their most devoted fans with special access and savings. Viewers will also have the opportunity to tip their favorite creators for additional cash by purchasing a bundle of stars to use as tips.

6. Initiate An Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Incorporating one or two of these affiliate marketing links into the group on a regular basis is entirely feasible if you have a large number of followers on Facebook.

With affiliate marketing, however, users earn a commission once buyers and serious clients have paid the full price for the goods.

7. Make Money Off Your Content

Monetizing content on Facebook means making money from posts, videos, photos, and other forms of Facebook-hosted material.

You can definitely make money on Facebook in Nigeria. Here are some of the most common ways that you can make money off of your Facebook material.

  1. By collaborating with dominating brands, users will be able to use Facebook to earn money.
  2. Participate in Facebook’s officially sanctioned brand collaboration initiative.
  3. Actively participating in the in-stream advertisement program.
  4. Prompting your subscribers to pay a recurring fee in exchange for exclusive content

8. Becoming A Facebook Influencer

Most Facebook influencers currently make substantial money from their many Facebook-related endeavors.

In order to make a name for yourself on Facebook, you need to set up a credible profile and interact with other users by posting helpful comments and feedback.

By then, you would be very close to it if you had been following ways to make money on Facebook in Nigeria. And its beneficial effects will become apparent quickly.

In any case, remember that the main goal of the Facebook page is to make a decent living off of the site. And a businesslike Facebook profile will make this a breeze to achieve.

9. Use Facebook To Earn Money From Fans

In May 2022, the Facebook algorithm issued a public declaration that it would give preferential treatment to the promotion of organic videos with strong search engine optimization.

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The search intent of your target audience should inform the creation of these specific types of videos in order to generate substantial organic growth in views, comments, and shares.

Through the completion of video production, most internet influencers will also have access to financial incentives totaling thousands of dollars every month.

For these Facebook monetization techniques to work, you’ll need to do things like get a certain number of views on a Facebook reel, Facebook story, or Facebook chat video.

10. Work For Facebook

Work For Facebook to earn money online in Facebook

Facebook (formerly known as Meta) is a popular place to post online job ads. These jobs’ requirements are flexible and simple to meet.

For instance, some jobs allow for telecommuting, while others require the applicant to be physically present in the office.

Depending on the position, you may need to demonstrate that you have a certain level of education or work experience before Facebook will hire you.

If you’re looking for full-time work and want to make money on Facebook, one tip is to keep an eye out for posts for positions that fit your skill set.


The answers to some of the most frequent questions about the Facebook monetization requirements procedure are provided below.

How Many Followers Do You Need To Get Paid On Facebook?

A minimum of 1,000 active followers is required for participation in Facebook’s earning program.

In addition, there are other requirements you must meet to maximize your earning potential.

These prerequisites are for you to ensure that you publish over 10,000 pieces of Facebook content or over 150,000 minutes of video of the clips you post.

How Much Money Can I Make From Facebook?

The results will be affected by a number of factors, including the marketing budget strategy used and the direction of the dollar relative to other currencies.

When people use Facebook to earn money, for example, it has been shown that domain that focus on health, security, media, and entertainment make more money.

How Much Does Facebook Pay For 1,000 Views?

You can expect to make a maximum of $10 for every 1,000 views of your video if you or your organization meets the threshold for Facebook monetization requirements.

How Many Views Do You Need To Get Paid On Facebook?

In order to be paid and make money on Facebook in Nigeria, your video must have received at least 600,000 minutes of views in the 60 days prior.

Pro Tip: You may read more about how to ⛔ 🔗 make money online in Nigeria if you want to improve your knowledge of how to generate money using Facebook.

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