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We can also earn from affiliation which is known to be a contract between two parties whereby one, who offers a product or service, allows the other party to advertise this product or service in exchange for a commission or financial benefit.

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This verification could be in form of a special coupon attached to a link or displayed as text, a link that installs an informational cookie on the customer’s machine, or in some other similar way.

This economic benefit is given without any detriment to the price of the product so that the final customer will not in any case experience an increase in the price of the good.

Cookies and Web Beacons

On EucarlMedia we use retrieved cookies for information storing and the information is based on your personal preferences whenever you visit our website.

The information we are referring to is a simple popup, some links to our other services like forums which may come up in the future.

As we’ve mentioned earlier we also use third-party advertising on our blog so as to cover the costs of hosting the information you find here.

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