7 Tips On How To Check Backlink Quality

This is the most in-depth guide there is on how to check backlink quality. We tried to explain the process in a way that was as simple and clear as possible so that people with different levels of knowledge and experience could understand it.

If, on the other hand, you want to know how to manage your website or company so that it gets backlinks from other websites naturally, as well as why getting backlinks is important in a business.

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Having said that, let’s get started! In the first part of this article, we will respond to the question, “What is backlink quality?” Also included are 7 tips on how to check backlink quality.

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What Is Backlink Quality?

A “quality backlink” is a link that is embedded into the main text of a page on a high-quality website that is pertinent to your niche and points to a page on your website. This type of link is referred to as “in-content” in search engine optimization (SEO).

Bear in mind that Google checks backlink quality based on a spectrum rather than using a binary method in order to ensure that the system is real. This is one of the numerous ways that Google determines the quality of backlinks.

This indicates that a link’s quality can be good despite the fact that it may not satisfy all of the requirements placed upon it. In fact, it’s not easy for your backlink to meet all of the requirements.

7 Pointers On How To Check Backlink Quality

7 Pointers On How To Check Backlink Quality

You should have, by this point, realized the significance of backlinks when they are included on a website, and you might be eager to get as many of these links as possible, even if it involves paying for them.

However, it is believed that even purchased backlinks might entail a large amount of danger; however, there are some wonderful tips on buying backlinks that can come in handy.

However, the purpose of this blog post is to provide you with these 7 essential hints on how to check backlink quality. Let’s begin!

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1. Determine Referring Domains By Utilizing Various Backlink Inputs

The first thing you should do to check backlink quality is to find a large number of root domains that connect to each other. In addition to that, it is also a “compulsory” step that you can’t avoid.

If you also have a sizable website, this indicates that there will be a significant number of backlinks pointing at your website. This will improve your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), which will increase your revenue.

You may still use a variety of different backlink tools to perform a full backlink audit of the website even after determining the referring domain in order to check backlink quality.

To find the referring domain, you should use a combination of different SEO tools, like SmallSEOTools or SEO ranking goosuggest.com, especially if your website has been in development for a long time.

2. Check The Linking Root Domain’s Authority

After you have determined the domain that is referring traffic to your website and have learned how to check backlink quality, the next step is to conduct an exhaustive analysis of your domain’s authority.

If the domain authority (DA) of the websites that have linked to you is higher, then it is a positive sign. But if you want to keep your website in good shape, you’ll need an additional number of referring domains.

When you are learning how to check backlink quality on the website of your company, one thing you should keep in mind is that you should be aware of domains that have no effect and those that have significant influence.

3. Verify If The Anchor Texts Are Optimized

Always make sure that the anchor text is optimized in both internal and external linking strategies. This is especially important if you want to check backlink quality or figure out how good your links are.

Because your SEO practice is not aligned with the appropriate approach, a terrible anchor text can harm the actual worth of your backlink while still serving as a bad user experience. This is because your SEO practice is not aligned with the proper method.

Utilizing Site Explorer is yet another method that may be utilized in order to examine your backlink quality which was acquired via anchor text. Site Explorer allows you to examine both branded and commercial anchor text.

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4. Analyze The Linking Page’s Naturalness

Analyze The Linking Page's Naturalness

The 4th piece of advice for determining how to check backlink quality demands you to evaluate the naturalness of each individual backlink. Apply the following guideline to each of your backlinks to evaluate it:

  • The backlink had a natural, unnatural, or suspicious appearance; how natural was it?
  • Where was the link inserted: in the introduction, the body, the conclusion, into an image, text, or a redirect link?
  • On what type of pages on a website is your backlink located? Blog page, comment, about page, video widget, copyright section, etc.
  • Check backlink quality by observing the HTTPS status of the page where your backlink is located.
  • Where exactly is the link located on the page? Included in the content or as part of a collection of links?

5. Measure Your Backlinks’ Social Shares

This guideline on how to check backlink quality for your website must include the social share component; there is no way around this requirement. Examine it by retracing the steps of social sharing to determine its history.

You should analyze by checking to see if the page that contains your backlinks has been shared on social media. Take into account that the most important social indicators are your share count and your engagement rate.

It is possible that viewers of your website will come from site visitors who click and share the link to your page. As a consequence of this, you need to pay attention to such backlink quality and market them even more.

6. Check Backlink Quality Using SEO Tools 

This post will come to a close by demonstrating how to check backlink quality by utilizing the top 3 best backlink checker tools that always aid site owners in managing their backlinks.

The tools are as follows:

Site Manager Tools

With only one click, users can check backlink quality with Site Manager Tools, which makes it one of the finest free backlink checkers available. The tool provides users with relevant data and results.

You can collect data on any website by entering its URL into this tool, which will then generate information about the website, including its inbound links, the authority of the linked page, the anchor text, the spam score, and a lot more.

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This tool gives you access to basic data that will assist you in the management and acquisition of backlinks, so even if you’re just starting, you can use it to gain an understanding of how to evaluate the quality of backlinks.

Even though it costs money to use the tool, it is well worth the investment. You can sign up for a 7-day free trial for $7 or monthly service for $99 per month to get information about businesses that link to your website.


With the help of this tool, you are able to check the backlink quality of any type of website. One of its many good points is that it can be used as a huge database that is always getting better.

You may gain an advantage over your competitors in the search engine results pages by using the backlink checker tool that Semrush provides. This tool enables you to monitor the backlinks that are pointing to their websites.

Start Earning More Backlinks For Your Website

Start Earning More Backlinks For Your Website

When you have mastered the process of how to check backlink quality, you will find it much easier to acquire additional backlinks for your website. After reading the last 6 tips, you should now have all the information you need.

However, it will still require a little bit of time to check the quality of your backlinks and develop a consistent strategy to produce more backlinks that will be very successful. Developing such a strategy will also take some time.

In any case, EucarlMedia is more than willing to help you create a backlink strategy for your business if you need help.

You can count on our team of SEO experts, who have more than 10 years of experience, to help you manage your backlinks and get new ones.

You can contact us through our website or by calling +234-816-871-0034 to talk to a strategist about how EucarlMedia can help you check backlink quality and make a plan for building more of them.

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