17 Content Writing Examples That You Are Totally Unaware Of

Written content has established itself as the dominant form in the field of content marketing since it can be used to reach a wide range of audiences from various platforms.

This is because that written content serves as the basis for the digital marketing approach employed by any firm. You may find out more about “what is content writing” and tips to create a perfect one by following the link provided above.

As a result, in this in-depth and comprehensive blog post, we will present 17 content writing examples that you are totally unaware of. Keep an eye out!

A list of the 17 content writing examples you can learn from

Let’s not waste any more time; let’s jump right in and investigate the different types of content writing services that can serve as a source of motivation for you and provide you with improved insight into the process of producing higher-quality content.

1. SEO writing

The first kind of content writing we’ll look at is SEO writing, which involves conducting research and developing content that is optimized for search engines.

It means putting keywords in your content that are related to what people are looking for so that you show up higher on the first few pages of Google search results.

On the other hand, the proper utilization of keywords is only one aspect of these types of content writing services. However, it should involve the creation of content that answers the questions that your audience has.

2. Blog posts

Blog posts - Content Writing Examples That You Are Totally Unaware Of

One of the main reasons blog posts are so popular is that they help businesses in so many different ways. They are the 2nd example on this list of 17 content writing examples because they are so useful.

One of the advantages of writing blog posts is that they can help your company become more successful and boost the ranking of your website ×10 compared to that of your competitors who don’t create blog posts.

It is very recommended that you begin incorporating blog articles into your website if that is something you intend to accomplish. You can either hire an SEO expert or look for the best SEO companies in Nigeria that will launch a blog for you.

3. Social Media Posts

The creation of social media posts is another technique to increase your content marketing plan because it is simpler, snappier, and quicker to make than other forms of content creation; however, they are only released at certain times.

When compared to other types of content writing examples, this type has a tendency to be quickly modified or updated in order to suit and adapt to the changes that are made in the demographics of your audience or the choices they make.

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In order to create this kind of post, it is necessary for you to have knowledge of search engine optimization information. Because of this, I strongly suggest that you learn how SEO’s relationship with social media increases visibility.

4. Video Content

Yes, without a doubt. Video still requires written material. In order to get the greatest possible result from your video, you should write up a screenplay for it before you start shooting it. This should help it work well.

For this type of content writing service, the video conversation needs to be carefully recorded so that the recording includes all of the relevant points of view.

When you put yourself in front of the camera, you may have feelings of anxiety at times. But once the script for the movie is made visible, it will be a big help to the people who make videos to make sure they are good.

5. Website Content

The ultimate website content is our fifth example of content writing, and it is the item that visitors view when they visit your website for the very first time. Make it a habit to optimize each and every one of your Web pages.

Your website’s authority will definitely go up if you optimize your web pages. This is because your website will get high-quality backlinks from other websites that are related to its topic.

However, as a creator, you should always keep in mind that in order to maximize your return on investment (ROI), the content writing examples that you post on your website should fulfill the expectations of your clients.

6. content writing example Six, Copywriting

Copywriting is a type of content writing that focuses on creating written content with the goal of increasing sales in order to reach a certain marketing goal.

Typically, writing of this nature is succinct, convincing, and straight to the point. This is done to make sure that their customers keep listening when they tell them about their products.

Copywriters use free SEO copywriting tools or the best AI copywriting tools to come up with headlines, emotions, and content bodies that make buyers want to buy something right away.

7. Press Releases

This is similar to the official statements that are made to the media in order to get attention for a product or service or a person.

These content writing examples for press releases should have been well-researched and put together with the goal of being read by top reporters and news journalists and chosen by them.

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8. content writing example eight, Ebooks

content writing example eight, Ebooks

eBooks are currently widely utilized in the research process for a variety of services by both individuals and businesses. It is an instructional tool that has the ability to turn your readers into potential clients.

You might get started by looking through this list of websites to publish eBooks for free, and then you could learn from their methods before selling your own eBooks on a personal website for a more effective ROI plan.

9. Newsletters and Emails

These content writing examples are quite popular among business owners and audiences. This is because it is most useful in situations in which you already have a certain group of audience members.

Even taking that into consideration, it is essential that you send these emails in a manner that is professional. If you don’t do this, your audience won’t truly convert into customers and buy your goods or services.

10. content writing example ten, Infographics

The visual and textual content are combined to create the content of the infographic writing examples. On the other hand, these kinds of content have a tendency to be more natural and engaging.

You can be able to generate ideas for infographics from a variety of perspectives. For instance, the fascinating facts and the connection between your products and your organization can be a good suggestion.

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11. Content scriptwriting

When it comes to creating videos, podcasts, or even infographics, these types of content writing services are used. The script serves as a roadmap for the other aspects of content creation.

Content scripts, on the other hand, are short, entertaining, and to the point. They are written with the goal of getting information across in a short amount of time.

12. Professional writing

This is one of the best content writing examples there is, and it focuses on professional contact through various channels of communication, including business emails, business letters, and so on.

Take note that this writing is usually written in a formal tone, despite the fact that it covers a wide variety of business themes such as business proposals, employee conversations, marketing plans, and so on.

13. Content Writing Example thirteen, Case Studies

One of the most important types of content writing services, which discusses the specifics of the value of your company, including its sales history, the ways in which the problems experienced by consumers have been resolved, and a great deal more.

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Customers may stumble onto your platform (or website) if you have a well-documented case study about your product and services. This will lead to an increase in your revenue as well as your appearance in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

14. How-To’s and User Guides

These are the types of content writing services that deal with explaining how your products and services function and how potential clients might benefit from using them.

So, if you want to have the best customer service and a good relationship with your customers, it is very helpful to use it, and you should do so if you can.

15. Technical Writing

This is the 15th marketing content writing example that we are going to go through here in this section. The purpose of this is to provide information about various technical issues and goods.

This content, on the other hand, is lengthy, detailed, and full of jargon that is specialized to the industry; it is intended for users who seek to get a more in-depth understanding of the topic.

16. content writing example sixteen, White Papers

content writing example sixteen, White Papers

White papers are long pieces of writing that look at a single topic from many different angles and in great detail. The majority of these elements are of an instructional and authoritative character, respectively.

This is because when these types of content writing services are added to a website, the target audience tends to think of the site as more authoritative.

17. Product Description

With the introduction of product descriptions that focus on product details, we will be ending our list of the 17 best content writing examples that you can use as examples for your own writing.

The product description, however, tells the buyer what the product does, how it works, what its benefits are, how much it costs, and any other information they need to know in order to buy it.


Within the context of a modern digital marketing strategy, one cannot place enough emphasis on the importance of written content. Everything from SEO writing to product descriptions is critical.

On the other hand, the 17 content writing examples that were given to you will definitely give you an edge over your competitors because you can use them to build your own content strategy.

That will have to do for the time being; please know that everyone here at Eucarl Media values your visit very much. I hope you enjoy your day!

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