Best AI Copywriting Tools To Save Time And Money

Copywriters and organizations alike will likely find that creating content for marketing purposes is not a simple task. Because of this, most high-quality content written by copywriters can cost more than $5,000.

Fortunately, the field of artificial intelligence (AI) had come up with a new and improved alternative, which is called “AI copywriting tools.” Instead of paying a copywriter, businesses can switch to utilizing this technology instead.

Research shows that some content writers and copywriters are starting to use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in their work, which may include content writing, emails, scripts, and product descriptions, among other types of writing.

As a result, this is going to be the subject of the blog article that we are going to discuss: “The Best AI Copywriting Tools To Save Time And Money.”

As is our custom, we place a high emphasis on the integrity of our readers and give our readers’ interests top priority. Because of this, you can be sure that we have tested each of these tools carefully.

What Are AI Copywriting Tools And How Do They Work?

AI copywriting tools are pieces of software that can automatically write text when combined with natural language processing units.

After determining the type of content writing and the subject matter that will be covered by it, the next step is to program the AI software to operate according to a set of guidelines that you have established.

After that, the AI tool will start making content based on what you told it to do. It will do this by looking at similar content already on the Internet and turning it into original content that doesn’t have any instances of plagiarism.

Why Should You Use AI Copywriting Software?

Let’s talk about the reasons why you ought to start using this product. These about-to-listed points in the following paragraphs are the reasons why some copywriters use the tool when creating SEO web copywriting content.

Let’s check it out!

  1. Using AI copywriting tools helps you save time by processing data at a faster speed in order to develop full articles.
  2. It’s incredibly handy in every way. To put it another way, it takes care of the difficult work so you can concentrate on the more challenging aspects of marketing.
  3. AI copywriting tools are a lifesaver for authors who are facing the dreaded “writer’s block,” which is something that almost all writers go through at some point in their careers.
  4. In addition to this, it makes it easier for content writers who are already extremely busy to scale through their job and accomplish their goal of completing them before the deadline.
  5. This AI copywriting software does make sure that your website’s content is properly optimized, including your web URL and the SEO title and description.

List Of The Best AI Copywriting Tools For Content Creation

Are you prepared to test out any of these artificial intelligence copywriting tools? There are a very large number of them available, but the ones in this article are the very best that we could find and have chosen for you.

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COPYAI - Best AI Copywriting Tools To Save Time And Money

Do you ever find yourself unable to write? Then you need the assistance of CopyAI! It helps you come up with ideas faster and gives you content for different kinds of writing based on Google algorithms.

How Does It Work?

  • All that is required of users is to choose a copy type and then enter some words and descriptions.
  • Following that, the data will be received by this AI copywriting software called GPT-3, which employs a model of machine language.
  • Following that, it will immediately produce a genuine and human-like replica of the data, and it will do it without delay.

Principal Attributes

  • It has a function that looks for plagiarism in the content and gets rid of it.
  • It is a very user-friendly AI copywriting software that ranks among the best of its kind.
  • It can produce whatever kind of content you want with only a few words that you give it to work with.
  • When you are at a loss for what to write about in your blog post, it will be able to provide you with some ideas for posts to write.


You can begin with its free edition; nevertheless, this version has a limit of 2,000 words per month on your usage.

You also have the option to purchase the Premium Edition, which costs $49 a month and grants access to 40,000 additional words.

In addition, the user of this paid version is granted the ability to produce written content in any of the 25 different languages.

As a result of this, it has earned a spot on our list as one of the best AI copywriting tools in the internet space.


Have you ever been confronted with a circumstance that required you to return to the content of your website in order to conduct a thorough check for errors? The Wordtune AI copywriting software is here to do the job for you.

How Does It Work?

Wordtune can help you rewrite your content so that it meets the standards of SEO writing. It does this without changing the flow, tone, or meaning of the sentence.

It is not an article generator that can compete on the same level as CopyAI. As a result, it places an emphasis on improving the sentence structure while cutting down the amount of time spent editing.

Principal Attributes

  • It possesses an incredible function that enables its installation right within Chrome extensions.
  • The AI copywriting software developed by Wordtune has the potential to operate directly within Google Docs, Twitter, and Grammarly.
  • It also has easy-to-use features that let marketers reuse content within the application and use it on a number of different platforms.
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There is a free plan, but the only feature it offers is the ability to rephrase a few phrases. However, upgrading to the commercial edition (which costs either $24.99 per month or $119 per year)is okay.

This paid version grants you access to additional features such as sentence length controllers that go down to the article level.


Copysmith - Best AI Copywriting Tools To Save Time And Money

Copysmith gives you the right AI copywriting tools that will speed up your growth in the SERPs, whether you are a freelance copywriter or a content marketer.

Principal Attributes

  • It has a good number of helpful features and tools for marketers, teams, and copywriters who are busy.
  • It has features that, when used, can make things for an online store like Etsy or Amazon.
  • This AI copywriting software can come up with taglines that will help your brand stand out from the rest.
  • It makes it possible to store the copy and write-up for all of your clients in a single location.


Regrettably, there is no free version available. If, on the other hand, you are willing to buy the commercial version of the software because it is thought by many to be one of the best AI writing tools, you have three choices.

  1. To begin, there is a Starter Package that may be purchased for a total of $192 per year (or $16 per month).
  2. The second option is the Professional Package, which may be purchased for a total of $600 per year (or $50 per month).
  3. The third and last option is the Enterprise Package, which provides access to an extensive variety of functions without any limits.

On their official website, you’ll find additional information about the price of the Enterprise package, if you’re interested.

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Check out these AI copywriting tools because they are likely the best for you if you are a copywriter who relies mostly on research and data.

How Does It Work?

  • The AI copywriting software developed by Wordsimth takes advantage of enormous data sets to generate sentences that sound natural.
  • This is done so that people can utilize it for a number of purposes, ranging from journalism to financial reporting, and this is why it has been done.

Principal Attributes

  • The primary focus of its features is on converting complicated data into narratives that are rich in insight.
  • It also has a function that can make a large number of sentences at once.
  • It makes navigation and analysis easy and real-time, and it speeds up the process of making content at the same time.


Because the cost of the Wordsmith AI tool is not made public, in order to receive a price estimate from the company, you will need to make a request for a free demo and explain the content needs you have.

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Around 300,000 people all over the world, including business owners and freelance writers, are using this right now, making it one of the most popular AI copywriting tools available.

How Does It Work?

  • Its navigation was designed to be very user-friendly.
  • All you have to do is select the format you want to use.
  • Include a few explanations of how you want your content to appear in the finished product.
  • After that, Writesonic will instantly give you a number of different copies and samples from which you can select.

Principal Attributes

  • It provides excellent features for marketers that want to improve their company by utilizing specific writing strategies, such as welcome emails and SEO meta descriptions.
  • It lets its users change and expand their packages to meet the needs of their businesses.
  • This product has a landing page builder, which is yet another great and unique feature.
  • It enables you to create a landing page that is optimized with just a few key details. Hence, these features have made it worth ranking among the best AI copywriting tools in our list.


This time around, the Writesonic AI tool offers three different pricing options, which are as follows:

  1. The first option is a risk-free one-week trial. This only gives you a total of 6,250 words to work with.
  2. The second option is a short-form bundle that has a monthly cost of ten dollars. This provides you with the ability to use 12,000 to 120,000 words.
  3. The third option is a long-form package, which has a monthly cost of $19. It gives you the ability to rewrite articles, process large amounts of data, and do many other things.

Final Thoughts On AI Copywriting Tools

Final Thoughts On AI Copywriting Tools

These best AI copywriting software solutions that were discussed earlier are wonderful in their own right. But the quality of the text is still nowhere near that of an article written by a professional writer.

But in general, these tools make it easier for humans to produce content at a faster rate. This is because it makes the work easier by cutting down on the amount of time that is often spent coming up with new ideas.

That will do for the time being. I hope you enjoy your day!

But before you leave this web page on the finest AI copywriting tools, I would want you to take a look at the top free tools for SEO copywriters.

These tools, on the other hand, are not like the tools based on AI; rather, they are the regular type of copywriting tools you never knew existed. We’ll catch up with you on the other side.

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