8 Equipment to Start Your Youtube Channel

What is the needed equipment to start your Youtube Channel? If 10 years ago someone told you that you could be able to produce high-quality videos with content without leaving your home, post these videos on a “Youtube”, get famous, and make a living from it you would certainly call this one crazy person isn’t it?

But it is already clear to all of us that reality today is quite different and this is a reality for many. The dream of being a YouTuber nowadays is no longer something so far away and difficult to achieve. And this is precisely the focus of our quick guide, where we’ll talk about the best equipment to get started and be a successful YouTuber.

Equipment to Start Your Youtube Channel
Equipment to Start Your Youtube Channel

Profession Youtuber: What Does It Mean?

A Youtuber is a person who has a channel on the Youtube platform, whether producing educational videos, gameplays, news releases, vlogs, tutorials about a service or product, stand up, or just producing funny content for subscribers, or any other idea that you keep in mind.

Youtube is a very large platform that comes with the aim of creating channels where videos are posted. And these videos are produced by such Youtubers.

We have all kinds of content on Youtube these days and more and more people are creating channels to publish their videos there. This is turning into such a big trend that a bill recently came up to regulate these professionals. 

A Youtuber has the function of structuring videos, preparing the recording, recording, editing, and disseminating the videos on social networks or any other platform, as well as, of course, all other detailed steps within this service.

How to Make Money on Youtube? How Much Does a Youtuber Earn?

These are frequently asked questions and we will try to clarify them as directly and simply as possible. Youtube monetization or payment works following the CPM (cost per thousand) rule that is widely used in banners on websites and advertisements that you find everywhere on the internet.

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Youtube’s CPM works more or less as follows: For every 1000 views, the platform pays something between 0.25 and 4.50 dollars.

Therefore, for a Youtuber to get a good income during the month, he has to be able to produce a good amount of monthly videos and promote them in order to reach a good number of views. In addition to this amount of money, a Youtuber can still get an “extra cash” by making use of some resources such as ads and sponsorships.

If you’re curious about how much a famous Youtuber earns, go to this site and put the name of the Youtuber channel. The site will give you a series of statistics based on channel size, the number of subscribers, reach and even the “estimated” salary he should earn.

That said, let’s get to what really matters.

How to Be a Youtuber? Where to start?

If you are determined to go all out in this field, the idea is to do niche research and evaluate what kind of videos you want to produce, what audience you want to reach, and what kind of content you want to bring to your subscribers.

After having this “base” well defined and solidified, it’s time to really go and create your youtube channel (if you don’t know how to make a youtube channel, check out this simple tutorial), make your own programming and then use your imagination and the creativity to captivate your subscribers and grow your channel even more.

But of course, to make the videos, be a differential among so many channels and still edit the videos with quality, definitely, there is some needed equipment to start your Youtube Channel, such as cameras and many other things, which we’ll talk about later.

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Equipment to Start Your Youtube Channel

And as usual here on the site, we bring you another one of our quick guides trying to help you in the best way possible to make the right investment and buy the best product for you. As you’ve already seen from the title, the focus of this article is to indicate the Equipment to Start Your Youtube Channel i.e the equipment to start your Youtube Channel, you can check them below. Equipment to Start Your Youtube Channel


It’s like that phrase says “a picture is worth a thousand words” isn’t it? And providing good image and editing quality is one of the best ways to get views on your videos. It is undoubtedly the most important item on our list and the most recommended is to invest in versatile models that can adapt to different types, angles, and environments for recording your videos.

Webcams: Best for Streamers

Our first subcategory is webcams, which are more aimed at the public that seeks to record their videos in fixed places such as their table or bench, for example. Another point where webcams do well is also in the streaming part, webcams are good cameras to stream on platforms like Twitch and Youtube Gaming. 

Action Cameras: Ideal for Vlogs

And our other branch is more focused on Youtubers who end up making Vlogs and filming in different environments, as they are more versatile and still allow recording in more “extreme” environments, so to speak, like underwater or playing sports and things like that.

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And the stabilizers are the “ideal complement” to recording your vlogs and videos because, in addition to avoiding the famous “shake” in the camera, they are also a very good accessory to record moving videos with ease and quality.


Talking about cameras and stabilizers without mentioning tripods would be unacceptable. And so these equipment are present here too, being good allies when recording videos with better stability and still providing the recording of different takes in the most varied terrains with ease.


And another great ally in video recording that could not be missing from our list is the famous microphones. We already have an article dedicated just to these devices, where we give tips on how to choose the ideal model for you, as well as other recommendations.


Nobody deserves to watch those videos with hardly any or poor lighting where you have to strain your eyes to be able to try and identify what you’re seeing, right? And that’s why investing in additional lighting for your work environment is good.

In addition to producing better image quality, they are a complement to the ambient light that enters the room where you are recording your videos.

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Now it’s up to you!

Buying the right equipment that won’t let you down, the rest is up to you: make a video schedule (and stick to it whenever possible), create new, quality content that views come naturally, and remember to publicize your videos on social networks. Be sure to comment here on the blog if this article was helpful for you and give us suggestions of what you want to see around here.

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