How To Clear E16 Error on DSTV (Step-By-Step)

Have you been trying to Clear E16 Error on DSTV screen and don’t know how to clear it off on your decoder, this post is aimed at teaching you the step-by-step process of how to clear DSTV Error E16 through SMS and the internet.

The most popular digital satellite TV across sub-Saharan Africa is DSTV as it is one of the most accessible and fully loaded satellite television with top quality stations ranging from entertainment, news, cartoon, music, religion, sports, lifestyle and culture, and movies e.t.c.

DSTV was launched by Multichoice in 1995 and since then has been offering the best premium satellite TV packages like the Compact, Compact Plus, DSTV Premium, and many others, it also has a very cheap decoder called GOTV of which some of the channels in DSTV can also be found on it but is limited to an extent.

DSTV is a South African company and its headquarters is also located in South Africa at Ferndale Randburg they also have branches scattered across sub-Saharan African countries likewise in North Africa and expanding more.

With clearer pictures in HD (High Definition) you enjoy all that satellite television could offer and this makes it the people’s choice, DSTV has recorded over 10 million subscribers in Africa which makes them a top competition worldwide.

Clear E16 Error on DSTV
Clear E16 Error on DSTV

How To Clear E16 Error on DSTV (Step-By-Step)

As it stands, Nigeria is the largest black nation on earth which also means it is the largest country in Africa in terms of population and there is no doubt most DSTV subscribers will be from Nigeria.

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In this sense, DSTV has tried so much to give the best satellite television services in Nigeria likewise in South Africa. Both Nigeria and South Africa have the largest subscribers to this satellite TV and due to high productivity through marketing in the two countries, they are both regarded as the most important countries for sales and also to further market their decoders.

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With various random monthly and yearly upgrades, DSTV was able to offer the best service to their subscribers with a nice decoder made out of the latest technologies which allows subscribers to be able to link two or more decoders together and share one subscription.

The fact that DSTV is the most used Satellite television in Nigeria you may come across some annoying errors like bad signal, E16 Error, and others, but the interesting thing is they can be easily fixed which leads us to publish a working fix on this article.

What Is E16 Error?

E16 error is a common error that is being displayed on your television screen due to the fact that your subscription is expired but in some cases got displayed even when you have an active subscription.

This error can be annoying and you just want to get rid of E16 error on your DSTV as soon as possible.

For you to get rid of the error then you have to subscribe to your package of choice through Quickteller by using your ATM card which is one of the fastest methods for subscribing.

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Alternatively, you can visit any DSTV office close to you and your Decoder card number will be required then you make your payment, you can also make your payment through the internet via DSTV’s official website ( or via your bank apps if the service is offered.

In cases where you still have an active subscription then you need to switch off the decoder and leave it for a few minutes or up to an hour then switch it back on.

If after trying the above tips and you still cant get rid of E16 error on your DSTV then you will need to follow the steps below which requires you to have a phone or a computer with active internet.

How To Clear DSTV E16 Error Using Your Mobile Device Or Computer

1st Method: Send DSTV Customer Care An SMS

For the easiest, you want to send an SMS message to DSTV customer care and this can be done by following this quick format:

Type “RA SMARTCARD Number” to +234-908-236-8533, i.e. RA 1234567890. Your smartcard number is the 10 digits number at the back of your DSTV decoder. The phone number above is also available on WhatsApp so you can have a chat and get the error fixed.

2nd Method: Fix Through DSTV Official Website

You can get rid of E16 errors through the DSTV official website by using an internet-enabled phone, a laptop, or a desktop computer.

Visit ( on your browser and click on the self-service portal then fill out the form on the page, input your smartcard number and solve the captcha.

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You will then be shown various errors in a list then you select E16 error and click on “Clear Error“, once this is done you should immediately see the error disappear on your screen.

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Once you are able to apply any of the two listed methods to Clear E16 Error on DSTV you should be able to have it fixed but should in case the error persists it is advisable to visit any of their offices close to you.

We hope you now know how to clear E16 error on DSTV, are you still faced with the error, were you able to fix it, and which one worked for you? Let us know in the comment box below.

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