6 Smart Ways To Monetize Your Blog

What are the best ways to monetize your blog? Monetizing your blog is not only possible as recommended, but even more so if you love sharing ideas. It’s how we transform simple thoughts into something bigger, which brings us together and unites us as a group, a tribe.

But for a long time, our ideas were imprisoned and suffocated, crying out for their freedom.

Few privileged had access to information, always controlled by large institutions, which not by chance are the ones with more money and power.

But that era of centralized information is behind us.

Today, the world is increasingly connected.

The internet won, becoming the main means of communication and wealth generation for common people like you and me.

But over 11 years of running a digital business that consistently earns 8 figures a year, I can see a fatal mistake that newbies are making in this market.

And I need to warn you about it before I show you Ways To Monetize Your Blog.

Ways To Monetize Your Blog
Ways To Monetize Your Blog

The Fragility of Businesses That Put All Their Eggs in One Basket

Most people start a digital business the easiest, shortest, and wrong way.

They build all their assets on social media, on rented land.

And what is rented land on the internet?

It’s a land where you don’t own it.

A land where you don’t make rules, but obey them.

A land where you are not free to do as you please.

“Why to build a blog?” they wonder…

“All people are on Instagram, right?”

“What do I need an email list for?”

“Everyone uses WhatsApp, doesn’t it?”

On October 4, 2021, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp were down for most of the day.

Imagine: investing 1 million in traffic to open your cart on Monday, with a discount, and make 90% of sales on Monday…

And on that very day, the most important day of launch, the main platforms fall.

This is one of the invisible costs that can put your business at risk.

It’s times like this that reinforce my vision of investing in blogs when everyone says otherwise.

Only through a blog and an email list, do you have full control over what happens and doesn’t happen in your business.

Don’t get me wrong, social media is a good way to bring traffic to your site and improve your relationship with your audience.

But building your entire business on them is putting everything you have in the hands of the mighty Silicon Valley companies that show no affection for you and your goals.

Maybe it’s time for you to build your online business on land where you have full control, don’t you think?

There are still those people who consider themselves card-carrying introverts and who don’t like the idea of ​​showing up all the time, shooting videos, and doing lives.

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And yes, you can make money on the internet without showing up with a blog.

Can You Make Money on The Internet Without Showing Up?

Do you believe that you need to appear in videos, do lives and share a lot of personal life to have a digital business?

I didn’t believe that…

But I’m the kind of person who runs away from crowds, parties, and a thousand events.

I still prefer to be here, behind the computer, writing this text for you.

However, I always thought that, in order to walk my path as an entrepreneur, I would have to learn to let go more. I would have to do lives, record videos, and speak all the time.

For years that’s what I did.

The result?

I ran away from my essence, I experienced burnout and didn’t reach the results I planned for my company at the time.

I thought that by doing exactly what every other name in the digital market said was “right”, my results would be extraordinary.

When I saw the trap I had created for myself, I stopped everything and went back to reconnecting with my nature. Who I am and what I like to do.

I found my way to sell on the internet through the following:

  • No videos.
  • No stress and anxiety.
  • And without showing my whole life as an open book on social media.

Even today a lot of people ask me why I share publicly (and for free) so much information about how it is possible to make a living blogging.

And my answer is simple: I believe that creating a professional blog can radically change your life if you know how to make money from it.

With the right planning and the right strategy, you can monetize your blog, be recognized for your work, and still help thousands of people.

If that’s your goal, check out these 6 ways to monetize your blog and create a successful digital business through it.

The Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Blogs are not dead.

See why it still makes sense to monetize your blog:

  • 93% of online experiences start with a search engine like Google.
  • 92% of companies have already acquired a customer through their blog;
  • Blogging strategies are 62% cheaper and generate 3 times more qualified leads to a website.

Now, if you’re the type of person who wants to effortlessly monetize your blog without doing anything at all, these tips aren’t for you.

All the ways to monetize your blog that I’m going to share require work, starting with building the foundation that involves these activities:

  • Production of quality content;
  • Traffic generation through SEO and social media;
  • Investment in increasing the email list;
  • And finally, create/adopt a way to monetize your blog.
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1. Affiliate Marketing

Perhaps the easiest Ways To Monetize Your Blog is to become an affiliate marketer. As an affiliate, you earn commissions through sales of other people’s products.

For those who are still at the beginning of the journey and don’t know exactly what their audience wants to consume, selling products from other producers can be a good way to go.

Follow these criteria to choose affiliate products:

  • Keep it consistent. If you write about extreme sports, you agree that it makes no sense to market a course in makeup, for example.
  • The product needs to solve a problem or offer something that interests your audience.
  • Don’t sell anything you wouldn’t buy yourself, just because the commission is good. Remember that it will be your name, your blog, and your authority that will suffer from a bad product offer.
  • The popularity of a product, as well as the evaluation made by customers who have already purchased it, are factors that you should also consider.

2. Sale of Own Products

Creating your own product and selling it on your blog is one of the most profitable Ways To Monetize Your Blog. It’s the one I recommend the most.

Although it requires much more effort on your part, the results of selling your own products will also be much higher, as your audience will be much more likely to buy something you offer.

Tips to generate income with your own products:

  • Ask your audience what their greatest desires and unmet needs are, and if possible find out their objections. From the answers, you will certainly have one, if not many, ideas for future products.
  • Your product could be an eBook, a video course, or even a mobile app. But start with just one and build others over time.
  • Keep in mind that the responsibility for delivering the product content is entirely yours, even if the sale is made by affiliates. Support is also on your account, as is the fight against piracy.

3. Exclusive Content for Members And Customers

You can create a members-only content area on your blog for a recurring monthly fee.

Many people like to be part of select groups and will be interested in having access to what the rest don’t have.

You can offer both articles, videos, and PDF materials.

If you have valuable content that you want to offer, either weekly or monthly, as long as it’s regular, you can create a newsletter or digital magazine subscription and charge a monthly or yearly subscription for that type of content.

If you are an author of fiction or non-fiction books, sell your own publications without the need for publishers, using platforms like Amazon and Wattpad.

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The control is all yours and most of the gains too.

4. Banners And Links

Google Adsense is Google’s tool to include advertisements on your blog that you receive based on clicks or views.

Some blogs still use this strategy and spread banners and affiliate product links on their website/blog to sell partner products.

However, spreading banners across your blog will pollute your design and will be ignored by visitors, who have learned not to pay more attention to this type of information.

Another disadvantage is that in order to earn a small amount of money from clicks, you need huge traffic.

Therefore, I consider this the least attractive option for those who want to monetize their blog.

5. Sponsored Posts

Many bloggers get to talk about a product or service and make a product or service recommendation. This is a sponsored post.

Yes, you can agree to be hired by a company, but choose only products and services that you know or identify with.

To get sponsored posts contracts from large companies and at a reasonable price, you will need to have a large audience.

A great option if you want to follow the path of digital influencers, but it is still fragile when it comes to digital business as you rely exclusively on contracts with third parties.

Do you want to follow this path? Be sure to consider tapping your audience and creating your own products.

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6. YouTube

But aren’t you talking about blog monetizing? What does YouTube have to do with it?

Well, if you have no problem being in front of the cameras, YouTube is a great way to boost your blog’s earnings.

With YouTube’s affiliate program, you can earn by placing ads in your videos. The more views, the greater the income.

Of course, your success on YouTube will depend on a few factors, such as the quality of the videos, the creativity of the content, and the number of subscribers to your channel.

All this using your articles already written for the blog as a script to record your videos.

Don’t forget: always post videos on your own blog to drive more visitors to your blog and increase your video views.

These are just 6 ways to monetize your blog.

In my experience, the best one is, and always will be, selling your own products through your blog, be it courses, mentorships or ebooks.

And as an income supplement, you can sell affiliate products as tools you use in your day-to-day.

This is what brought me here when I started my blog believing in the internet dream of living.

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