Which Social Network Pays The Most?

Are you wondering Which Social Network Pays The Most? Social networks have become the main vehicle to connect with people, be informed, and earn money. Tools of our day-to-day that we often use to monetize and make ourselves known. 

Of course, do not be fooled, because it is not so easy to earn money with them or expect great income if you are not a superstar. We are going to explain to you which social network pays the most and with which you can generate a good amount.

Which Social Network Pays The Most
Which Social Network Pays The Most

Which Social Network Pays The Most for Your Content?

Generally, social networks pay you for your content, but not all of them, since the best known are only YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok, although you have to comply with a series of guidelines that we explain below, do not expect large incomes:

  • YouTube: To start generating income, your content must not deal with any topic that the platform considers inappropriate and your channel must have at least a thousand subscribers and 4 thousand hours viewed. With that base, maybe you can earn $150 for 100,000 visits to a video or more.
  • Facebook: Here you must access the Facebook Creators platform and you can earn money if you have a page that has 10,000 followers, 30,000 video views of at least 3 minutes and that is content according to the rules of the social network.
  • TikTok: You must be a resident of the US, Spain, UK, France, Germany, or Italy, be of legal age, have at least 10,000 followers, and accumulate 100,000 views in the last 30 days prior to applying, in addition, to comply with the TikTok rules. A user with two million followers earns in this case between 50 and 80 dollars a day depending on his activity.
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Another way to generate income is through external alliances with brands that pay you to mention them or promote products that lead to sales in exchange for a percentage, as is the case with Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Onlyfans, The Most Profitable Social Network

Where you can really earn a lot of money is OnlyFansthe most controversial social network for adults today, since income is generated from explicit content in exchange for money. This platform has been one of the ones that have grown the most since from having 20 million users it has gone on to have almost 150 million after the pandemic.

To enter Onlyfans it is essential to be of legal age and registration is free, but you must pay a monthly fee to access the content of a certain creator that he sets. In addition, followers can receive messages with photos or videos, and write private messages to make personalized requests to the creator, although additional payments must be made for this.

This formula has made people who create content receive a significant amount of income. Being an OnlyFans creator is as simple as creating a free account, verifying the registration with your ID and a selfie photo, and setting the monthly fee that you want to charge your fans. 

If the content is good, the income will grow like foam, ranging from $10 to $50 per subscriber. For example, the American actress Bella Thorne earned a million dollars in the first 24 hours after her debut on the platform and has more than a million followers.

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Twitter Blue, a New Way to Earn Money

Twitter is no stranger to people’s quest to monetize their content and has launched to ‘reward’ its creators with a new tool: Twitter Blue. A version that is, at the moment, only available on iOS in Canada and Australia and that is more personal than the one we currently know. 

By means of a monthly subscription, it will allow you to organize your favorite tweets in folders, change the themes and the icon of the app, edit and undo the tweets you make, read the messages more comfortably, and earn money.

To earn the income you must meet certain requirements such as being of legal age, having at least 10 thousand followers, and being active monthly with at least 25 tweets

If you meet these requirements, you will earn money if your followers give you ‘Super Follows’ to your content and for which they must subscribe through a monthly payment to access newsletters and all kinds of exclusive content, offers, as well as access to the platform’s communities.

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