What is Content Marketing? How it Helps Company’s Growth

Content marketing is essential for every brand and company, it represents a strategy that is used to establish a definition of the relationship with the target audience through the creation of stories that make a difference.  

The result? New ways to attract more customers to products and services; It is a strategy focused directly on offering the audience exclusive content.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Importance of Content Marketing

Generally, people want to read content that goes hand in hand with their interests and if these are personalized, it is much more attractive for them.

Content marketing not only humanizes the brand and the company but also makes customers feel closer to it and the values ​​that define it, within the reasons that highlight its importance, it is worth highlighting:

Increase Web Traffic

This strategy significantly increases web traffic making it a constant source of quality visits.

When developing the action plan, you can incorporate an objective that provides links from external brands with topics related to the content you want to transmit, in this way, you can establish a relationship in which the other websites make the same link.

This strategy is known under the name of backlinking and is ideal for generating traffic quickly and in a short time since it opens the possibility of a greater number of visits to the web.

Improve the Use of SEO

Using keywords helps improve search engine optimization on web pages.

Users say that just by using keywords, they can find a lot of related information about the topic they are looking for.

SEO plays a fundamental role for every brand and online company, so much so that creating content for a blog is the most effective SEO technique, companies that regularly publish content on their blogs have a greater chance of being found in search engines.

Attract New Customers and Buyers

Content marketing shows the image of brands and companies to strangers using informative and useful data.

To reach more customers, you can work with so-called premium content such as eBooks, Guides, Reports, and Newsletters, this will help attract more potential customers.

Those people who have a real interest in the service that is offered to them are the ones who will be trapped with the published content, in this way, it will be possible to filter all those who can become potential customers.

Strengthens the Trust of Potential Customers of The Company

When you build trusting and empathetic relationships with potential customers, you can build a positive reputation.

The valuable content allows potential customers to make an image of the company and its services, for this reason, if the content is useful and valuable, that will be the perception they have of the brand and it will be a dissemination channel when sharing in all the attractive networks they have found about the company.

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Set the Difference With The Competition

A humanized content, which does not focus only on sales, but on connecting with the customer, will be the starting point between the brand or company and the competition.

Building the voice of the brand and showing the personality that defines it will be a key point in attracting the target audience.

Valuable content will open the doors of companies to resounding success in their contact with future customers.

What is the Importance of Long-Term Content Planning?

Today many wonder what is the importance of long-term content planning, as it is a topic that has had a great impact on marketing strategies.

A content strategy defined correctly has a greater probability of attracting potential customers, in addition, it is much cheaper and more profitable for brands that do not make use of it and end up investing much more.

Content Marketing

Every day more companies use Content marketing to reach their customers quickly, the creation of their own, original, and quality content is a guarantee of reach in a market that is saturated with all kinds of information and does not end with meeting the actual demands.

The contents allow to reach consumers directly, but not intrusively, without necessarily having to make sales.

No client wants to feel pressure when acquiring a product or service, what they want at first is to obtain information and from there start a path of relationship with the company.

For this reason, to attract prospects, content generation is essential, as well as creating a segmented database and offering them proper nutrition.

Long-term Importance of Content Marketing

Among the reasons that support the importance of content marketing in the long term, it is worth highlighting:

  • Planning draws the line for the content you want to publish, studies show that 86% of the strongest organizations work hand in hand with a professional in charge of directing long-term content strategies.
  • With an established plan, the possibilities of generating a content library specifically for the company or brand are opened.
  • It allows you to define clear objectives despite obstacles.
  • A content plan helps implement retargeting, if necessary.
  • It will help to make adequate use of the resources available and the priorities that must be established to carry out decision-making.
  • Maintains order and organization of the company or brand.
  • It works based on several initiatives at the same time, so doing it in the long term allows us to take foresight about the following ones and speed up the creation of content.
  • The content does not generate benefits only to the team dedicated to marketing, but also to the sales team, products, and services, and customer service, among others.
  • It contributes to the formation of history about the process that the potential client has taken through the path established by the buyer.
  • It guarantees that the approach will have an impact and that the objectives will be achieved.
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Inbound Strategies that Must be Present in The Content 

Content that profiles the company for success must go hand in hand with the following strategies:

  • Sending collaborations consists of establishing a relationship with thematic blogs or with a similar Buyer person and making cross-post sending agreements to increase visits.
  • Landing diffusion on social networks is very useful to get leads more quickly. By including a link from the company’s landing page, abandonment due to lack of interest is eliminated, that is, prospects are hooked by the content offered.
  • Calls to action, through this strategy, articles are published on external blogs that include a CTA that links to the content that the company has published and that is downloadable, ebooks, comparative guides, reports, and case studies, among others.
  • External links to the landing of ebooks on positioned pages, by asking the websites that are in the first places to insert a link to the landing of the company, so that users can download the ebook of the same, it is possible to achieve a greater number of leads in a faster and more practical way.

Long-term content planning with the use of strategies in the order they should be used will allow any brand or business to boost and make itself known to an audience that is open to receiving it.

How to Create a Long-term Content Plan?

Marketing has shown its positive impact in recent years and applying it with a long-term content plan is essential to boost the image of brands and companies before the ideal audience.

Many times the content published on the web pages does not manage to connect with future clients, either due to lack of experience or lack of resources, the truth is that it does not meet the objectives to prospect clients by not meeting their real needs.

Steps to Create a Long-term Content Plan

Every brand and company must work on planning the long-term content that has to be published on the Blog of its website to attract prospects, given this reality, the steps to follow are presented so that the published content achieves the objective :

  1. Analysis of the situation

To start the development of a content plan, it is necessary to carry out a previous analysis that allows locating key points where the focus is directed and that can be updated as the work progresses.

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A tool that is quite effective for this type of analysis is the SWOT matrix, in which weaknesses, threats, strengths, and opportunities can be pointed out, from there, basic aspects of the company are identified and planned based on real needs.

  1. Definition of objectives and KPIs

In this step, you must define the objectives you want to achieve in the short, medium, and long term, it is suggested to establish at least 10 and write them down with their date according to reality.

The objectives considered can be, for example, achieving a database of 3000 subscribers before 1/1/2022, increasing traffic up to 1000 visits before 12/15/2021, increase engagement in the company’s profile on Instagram by 2% before 1/11/2021, among others.

  1. Buyer person

Defining the buyer persona is a fundamental point when planning content, if the audience you want to attract is clear, the strategy will be a success.

  1. Definition of strategies

The strategies that are generally followed for the creation of content are the following:

  • Traffic strategies consist of focusing on the keyword with high search volume.
  • Conversion strategy, allows you to focus the keyword on the conversion to obtain the quality of visits.
  • Virality strategy consists of creating content inspired by those most widely disseminated on the networks.
  • Brand strategy, the contents are aimed at improving the image of the brand.
  • In information strategy, the contents are focused exclusively on providing information to the reader in the different stages of the purchase journey.

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  1. Content ideation

For the creation of content, the different types should be considered, including:

  • Social networks, it is about that type of informative content that can be published daily, images or related topics, it is the ideal content for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among others.
  • Blogs are all those content related to articles, guides, infographics, and more.

For the creation of content, keywords should be used according to the information that the user really needs, according to the stage of purchase in which they are, in this way it will be much easier to find an answer to their interests.

  1. Channel definition

Being present on all channels is not the best option, therefore, an analysis must be made and the most suitable ones must be chosen, which will allow the content plan strategy to work.

Once every detail has been considered, the content plan is then elaborated that, in the long term, will generate great benefits for the company.

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