Top Influencer Marketing Agencies In Nigeria [10 Best Firms]

Influencer marketing agencies in Nigeria do, in fact, play the role of middlemen in the influencer marketing process. These firms offer services that are geared toward influencing, marketing, and campaigning for products and services in an effort to draw in more customers and increase sales.

However, due to the fact that doing so typically takes up a considerable amount of time on their part, some businesses, particularly those operating in emerging markets, discover that it is challenging to identify and get in touch with the influencer marketing agencies that are best suited to collaborate with.

As a result, this is the exact reason I’ve decided to develop this extensive list of these agencies so as to reduce the worry of recruiters and company owners who would seek influencer services in the future. I hope that this will help!

List Of The Most Prominent Influencer Marketing Agencies In Nigeria

It is virtually impossible to mention all of the organizations in this particular blog post. However, a significant number of these businesses do, in fact, include the service of influencer marketing in their list of services. However, they do not actually provide this service to their customers.

However, these influencer marketing agencies in Nigeria that are about to be described are all legitimate businesses that do, in fact, provide the influencer marketing service. This list will be expanded in the future to include additional influencer marketing agencies that you are free to hire.

But because we only have time for one thing at a time, let’s simply stick with this list of the top 10 influencer marketing agencies in Nigeria. Nevertheless, to improve the visibility of your business on the internet, you should investigate and work with one of the top SEO companies in Nigeria, which you can find here.



The BuzzBite is one of the top influencer marketing agencies in Nigeria

This organization is currently regarded as Nigeria’s top choice when it comes to influencer marketing agencies. While working with the B2B organization, their primary objective is to improve the brands of their customers in order to attract the most suitable clients to those customers’ businesses.

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The objective of the paid advertising campaign that BuzzBite is running is to increase the visibility of its customers while simultaneously running advertisements on social media. They will also assist in the creation of landing pages that have a high conversion rate in order to attract their intended audience.

The Digimind Social

This influencer firm is responsible for monitoring the online reputation of brands while also employing social media in its efforts to influence those brands. As a result of this, they have earned a place among the most successful influencer marketing agencies in Nigeria.

If you engage this organization, they will guarantee that you will have a limitless amount of social media impact and web coverage, and they will do so with a hundred percent certainty. Their team of knowledgeable consultants will assist you in determining which key strategic areas have the greatest potential to boost the efficiency of your brand.

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Hire Influence Influencer Firm

One of the full-service influencer marketing agencies in Nigeria, as well as a multi-award-winning influencer organization, can be found here. Since 2011, it has been running individualized and promotional initiatives while also preserving a positive presence on the internet.

Do you know that In addition to Nigeria, this company has its influence in a further 12 countries? They accomplish this by disseminating material throughout their many social media accounts while making use of the platform that is most appropriate for each business.


When working with the MoreInfluence organization on your influencer marketing, you will feel as though you have accomplished a great degree of commercial achievement. This is due to the fact that they will increase your sales and assist your organization in achieving higher levels of revenue and organic traffic.

On the other hand, it wasn’t until the year 2022 that this organization became recognized as being among the top influencer marketing agencies in Nigeria. while simultaneously making waves in the internet world and working together with other top advertising agencies in Nigeria to provide value.

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XINI Communications

XINI Communications Influencer Marketing Company

This organization does concentrate a significant portion of its efforts on influencing brand perception and creating web advertisements. They also take advantage of their extensive technical expertise to get millions of engineers to work for the businesses that they represent.

They are one of the most successful influencer marketing agencies in Nigeria, and they have a well-defined strategy and process for researching, boosting, and supporting the company that serves as their primary client in order to raise the client’s online visibility and recognition as well as their sales.

Viral Nation

This company plays a significant part in the organization of influencer marketing agencies in Nigeria, and at the same time, it collaborates with the most influential people on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to achieve its overarching goal of influencing others.

This company does, however, maintain physical offices in both Toronto and New York in order to serve a greater number of clients. In addition to this, the company, Viral Nation, reaches out to other prominent businesses in an effort to work and collaborate with them.

Brand Lucid

The Brand Lucid Influencer Marketing Agency In Nigeria

Brand Lucid comes seventh in our list of the leading influencer marketing agencies in Nigeria, as they offer a wholesome platform for brands and top social media influencers to work together to develop a brand that is influential for both social media and companies.

This influencer platform will work to get your brand name out there on the internet, and they will do it with the assistance of their seasoned influencers in order to offer you an advantage over competing firms.

The Outloud Group

This business was able to establish itself as one of the most well-known influencer marketing agencies in Nigeria because it collaborated with brands and other prominent influencers to execute a marketing campaign that was of high quality, well optimized, and highly effective in its mission to increase website traffic.

However, they do not limit their influence services to consumers in the midwestern United States; rather, in addition to those customers, they offer their services to customers in other top countries. In addition to this, it is well known that they have been involved in a significant industry since 2008.

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The SLT Consulting Group

SLT Consulting Group

Being one of the leading influencer marketing agencies in Nigeria, this company is still managed by women, and its mission is to provide successful product campaigns for its clients’ companies while also maintaining open and honest relationships with its customers.

Additionally, the organization emphasizes that they are driven by its results and its objectives. Additionally, they concentrate their offer on developing companies and emerging brands that are on the lookout for profitable avenues to expand their revenue streams.

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Even though it is widely acknowledged to be one of the most successful influencer marketing agencies in Nigeria, this company still gives its customers complete software access to demonstrate and improve the level of transparency they offer to the businesses that are their customers.

They have professional content makers on staff who can tailor their services to fit any kind of influencer marketing strategy. Additionally, Upfluence provides web host administration and on-site system tracking services.


Now that the listing is complete, it is up to you to make a thoughtful choice from among this exhaustive list of the top 10 influencer marketing agencies in Nigeria, taking into account the requirements of your company as well as your personal requirements.

In spite of this, the objective of this piece of writing is to aid our readers in becoming more professional in their search for influencer marketing companies by making the list easily accessible to them.

Always remember to check back for further updates! In addition, don’t forget to check out the Eucarl Media blog page in addition to our service page for all of your various digital marketing requirements. See you there!

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