The 10 Best Television Brands In Nigeria (2024)

Planning on getting a new television? This article gives insight into the top 10 best television brands in Nigeria. Sticking with known brands is mostly advised as they produce based on a particular quality standard likewise checking on new brands can be a blessing as some of the new brands want to show people what they are capable of doing thereby releasing top-quality products to the electronics market.

As we know the Nigerian market is filled with numerous brands, be it physical or online marketplace like Jumia, Jiji, Konga, and so on. The electronics industry in Nigeria has a lot of brands that are performing up to expectations while some are also not that good.

We have a lot of television brands that also copy what real brands do, they give the fake copy at a cheaper price, we have refurbished which look like original but are not. All this has to be properly checked which is the main reason why we have put together this article.

Best Television Brands In Nigeria
Best Television Brands In Nigeria

For someone who doesn’t know much about television brands in Nigeria, this article is specially made for you so you can settle for the ideal one for your home or office.

We have listed these brands based on their customer support rating and how easy it is to get things fixed through their service centers in Nigeria should in case you have any hardware or other issues you need fixing, these brands have their service centers all across Nigeria so you have nothing to worry about.

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Mind you, the prices of the television sets are determined by various specifications which distinguish them from the others, a particular brand can have various models which will all have their differences.

Some other brands are mainly known for slick design, ruggedness, inventive features, ability to update firmware, viewer experience, picture and sound quality, ease of use, durability, and so on.

Below we have listed the top best TV brands in Nigeria currently, mid you, these brands also produce cheaper versions from their company which mostly comes in a different brand name but is still a product of the parent company.

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The 10 Best Television Brands In Nigeria

1. LG

LG is no doubt the best television in Nigeria currently and this can be attested to by many people who use the brand and also professional engineers. LG is a company that produces many home electrical equipment or electronics like refrigerators, microwaves, smartphones, washing machines, pressing iron, blender, home theaters e.t.c.

The company is the most popular electronics producer in Nigeria and also in Africa as they produce electronics based on the weather condition of the continent which makes their products very effective and long-lasting.

If all you seek is quality then the LG television is the best you can opt for, they have TVs in different models which serve you quality clear pictures and good sound quality. Some of their TV comes as QLED, OLED, LEDs, LCDs, UHD, and so on with important features like HDMI features, USB Ports, Bluetooth, Internet Wifi, and so on. You can easily get an LG television from their official stores or authorized dealers around you, likewise, you can get them online.

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2. Samsung

This is another top-quality television brand in Nigeria that has been serving Nigerians for decades. Samsung is also one of the best TV brands in Nigeria, in short, as far as electronics is concerned you can always rely on Samsung.

The company put a lot of effort into ensuring their television set is equipped with the best picture quality likewise a top-notch sound quality. With Samsung, you get all you expect from a new generation television or smart tv.

With clean video quality with durability and nice design, investing on Samsung television is the best thing to do as this will last you longer and even you will enjoy the best viewing experience.

3. Panasonic

One of the most trusted brands in Nigeria that have been manufacturing and distributing quality electronics in Nigeria for decades. Panasonic is also one of the best television brands in Nigeria considering how their products last and perform in comparison with others.

As far as quality imaging, good picture and also the clear sound quality is concerned you get all this at a reasonable price.

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4. Sony

This is another top-quality television brand in Nigeria from Senescent and has been in the Nigerian electronics industry for decades with positive reviews from top professionals.

You will enjoy a quality viewing experience with sony as most movies and picture technologies are made for Sony especially the sound aspect of it.

Sony smart TVs with Android OS and also the Sony Bravia are the two being produced and equipped with top-grade screen displays like the Oled, QLED, and so on. This brand is known to always produce top-quality television so it is also difficult to get a fake version.

If you are a gamer then you should get yourself a Sony television for immersive viewing features and sound quality, you can purchase one from any electronics physical store in Nigeria.

5. Hisense

Hisense is a product of LG and is made based on demand for a cheaper LG product, this birthed Hisense and the quality has been similar to that of the parent brand LG.

Hisense television most especially the smart TVs is currently the bestseller in Nigeria and also globally as it offers a top-grade quality even at a very cheap price.

The television is equipped with various features like HDMI, USB ports, Internet Wifi, Bluetooth, Optics cable connection e.t.c.

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6. TCL

TCL is another top-quality television brand in Nigeria, it is rugged, offers clean and clear pictures likewise good sounds. It is a Chinese consumer electronics company that is focused on the production of home electronics and appliances.

It is so amazing seeing this television brand starting not quite long and has already flooded the Nigerian market, aside from that there have been huge positive reviews about TCL and you do not need to be told this is a good TV brand at the first sight of it.

7. Bruhm

Bruhm is another Chinese electronics manufacturing company that is taking the Nigerian market with speed. This brand is specifically into home appliances and electronics like freezers, washing machines, television, microwave, and other appliances used in the sitting room and also kitchen.

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The television offers the best imaging which gives top-notch picture quality and viewing angle, it also has a nice sound added to it. This is a mid-range television producer with screen types based on OLED, LED, and other screen display variants.

8. Apple

Apple TVs are one of the best television brands out there, it gives you endless possibilities as you can stream on it, surf the internet, watch the latest movies and get yourself updated with the latest happenings around the world.

There is no doubt Apple products are one of the leading products in the world, Apple is the maker of the iPhone, iPad, and other electronic gadgets but mostly very expensive and this is due to the quality they possess so buying an Apple TV will be a very good investment you won’t regret.

9. UKA

This brand is actually new in Nigeria and the list of the best television brands in Nigeria would be incomplete in the absence of UKA.

UKA makes some of the best television in Nigeria and they come at a very affordable price which will keep you wondering compared to other brands. You can get a unit of UKA television from most electronics stores in Nigeria and also from online stores.

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10. Skyworth

Finally on the list of top ten best television brands in Nigeria we have Skyworth which is not that popular but makes it on this spot basically because of the TV quality its image quality and also sound quality.

It is an affordable TV brand in Nigeria that comes in various sizes and types like Smart Tvs, Plasmas, LEDs, and many others. Just like the TVs made with new technologies Skyworth TV also has Internet Wifi connection, USB ports, Bluetooth, HDMI, and so on.

If you plan on buying any of the above listed TV brands, you should order online and have it delivered to your door step with guarantee. To order Click Here.

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