Top 7 Highest Paying Tech Jobs

What are the highest paying tech jobs now? Technology-related jobs continue to be among the most in-demand worldwide. Even more so as a result of the pandemic and the restrictions it has caused.

The need that many companies have had to adapt their activity to teleworking and the possibility that this will be maintained, at least in a mixed format, in many of them, has accelerated the digital transformation in many entities and organizations. For this reason, certain technical and technological profiles have become indispensable in companies.

Both to adapt the work to the new reality and to draw up the transformation strategy of the company’s work and accompany the change process. However, within the different IT disciplines that are most in-demand in the business world, there are positions that either because of their complexity, their level of responsibility, or because of the specificity of the tasks that those who have to perform them occupy, have a higher salary than others. This is the case of the seven that we list below, considered the highest-paying tech jobs now.

Highest Paying Tech Jobs of The Year

Highest Paying Tech Jobs

#1. Software Architect

First on the list of Highest Paying Tech Jobs is Software architects. The role of software architects is essential in the development process of a company. He is in charge of making the design choices of the tools, as well as the selection of the set of technologies that will be used in the projects in which the company embarks and that have something to do with technology. This professional needs to be familiar with different disciplines.

Among them, with data modeling and software architecture. You also have to have skills related to programming and analytics. Of course, they must be aware of the latest tools and platforms that can help streamline and facilitate the development and work process and have the ability not only to diagnose problems.

For all this, it is unlikely that a recent graduate will be able to access a position of this type, which requires a lot of practice and experience. However, it may be that the completion of certain masters can be useful to get to work as a software architect. In any case, the most common is for a software architect to have a minimum of five years in positions directly related to their work. His salary can be close to $130,000 a year.

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#2. Data Scientist

Another among the highest paying tech jobs is the Data Scientist. Working with large amounts of data is crucial for most companies today. But they hardly have tech-trained people who are able to work with them. That is why there is a high demand, and it is a field in which recent graduates can find employment as soon as they finish their training, even at the junior level.

Later, when they have more experience, they can opt for a better salary, which in the case of professionals with a good level of experience can reach $115,000 per year. Of course, the data scientist position is not unique, since there are several types of positions that these professionals can perform, such as data analysts or architects.

To work in a position of this type, and to be able not only to do the job well but to stand out, it is very important to understand machine learning algorithms and the know-how to develop data models. Also program in Python and know various analytical tools. The purpose is to help companies improve their results and budgets.

#3. Product Manager

The Product Manager is one of the less technical positions on the list of highest paying tech jobs. But his role is just as important as that of other positions with a stronger technical face. His mission is to be responsible for overseeing the entire product development cycle, from idea to launch.

Basically, he’s tasked with overseeing the engineering and product teams to make sure workflows are as productive as possible. For your everyday tasks, you need to be used to handling tools such as Asana or Trello, and have management and analytical skills.

Thanks to them, you will be able to develop operating plans to achieve the company’s tactical and strategic objectives. You will also be responsible for managing marketing and developing a product portfolio.

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In addition, a product manager must have other types of qualities, more related to social skills. For example, you must be able to motivate the teams you supervise to achieve your goal. You must also be able to coordinate them, something that requires skills such as good oral and written communication, and lots of patience. In return, a product manager can earn around $110,000 per year.

#4. DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer is able to serve as a liaison and conduit between the IT group and the software development group. He is responsible for connecting the front end of software development with the areas of programming, testing, and operations. In addition, these professionals are responsible for identifying and solving problems that arise when using technological systems.

To become a DevOps engineer you will have to have deep knowledge of programming and script development, as well as deployment and operations of res, know and know how to work with Git and Jenkins, and be able to administer Unix and/or Linux systems.

The position could also include the design and maintenance of an infrastructure platform, and the integration of cloud services or shell scripting. A very complete job, which leads its good professionals to be able to earn an average of $101,000 per year.

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#5. Blockchain Engineer

One of the highest paying tech jobs in the world is Blockchain Engineer. The popularity of cryptocurrencies, and among the technologies related to them, the Blockchain, has led to a notable demand for engineers who can use this technology to create, develop and manage Blockchain projects. To get tanned in this position, it is necessary to know the components and technologies related not only to the blockchain but to cryptocurrencies in general.

In other words, these types of engineers must understand the technology behind Bitcoin, Ethereum and even the one behind several new ones that are enjoying growing popularity, such as Chia. It is also appropriate to have training and knowledge in security protocols and to know encryption libraries.

It is a fairly new area, in which there is a lot of information available, and it does not stop growing, at the same time as the value of many cryptocurrencies. A good blockchain engineer can earn almost $100,000 a year, and maybe more in not too long.

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#6. Full-Stack Developer

The need for companies to have full-stack developers is increasing, mainly due to the growth of the Internet and the web. These types of professionals are familiar with both frontend and backend development. Therefore, they control many languages ​​and programming and development systems. Like Angular JS, MongoDB, or Node.JS.

It is also important that they are able to develop and design APIs. This professional, so sought after that he even has a certain advantage over other positions in the case of looking for positions for remote work, has to always keep up to date not only in programming languages but also in web development and database management and all related technologies.

In addition, this type of position also requires performing tasks that ensure that the applications are responsive and that the integrity of the code is maintained. All for just under $100,000 a year.

#7. Database Manager

This position, which, as it says, has been in the world of technology since the beginning of time, does not have a salary as high as the previous ones, but it still makes it attractive for many of those who work in technology and thus included in this list of Highest Paying Tech Jobs.

Between $70,000 and $75,000 a year is what a good database manager can charge a year just for or take care of everything related to the database environment with which he has to work.

The mission of this type of professional will also be to read and understand company data, analyze it and decide how it will be applied to their projects and daily activities to achieve objectives. This also implies understanding complex data and managing database tools. But also have communication skills, since you have to deal with people from other departments and companies.

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