Airtel Data Plans, Prices, And Subscription Codes

Are you a customer of Airtel who is looking for the best Airtel data plans, prices, and subscription codes to use with your service? You have nothing to worry about because we will guide you on everything you need to know regarding the appropriate data plans for the Airtel internet service providers, and we will also answer the question that is asked the most frequently, which is, “which Airtel plan is best for data?”

It is also important to bring to your attention that this article will also cover the cheapest Airtel data purchases. We will show you how to subscribe to Airtel N300 for 1.5 GB as well as how to get 1 GB for N200 on Airtel, as these plans are regarded as some of the most affordable Airtel data plans and prices in Nigeria so far, and they also have subscription codes that are simple to use.

Airtel Data Plans, Prices, And Subscription Codes
Airtel Data Plans, Prices, And Subscription Codes

All Airtel Data Plans, Prices, And Subscription Codes

Because nearly 40 percent of the country’s population uses the network provided by Airtel, customers have access to a wide variety of data plans, rates, and subscription codes from which to choose. However, keep in mind that to qualify for these soon-to-be-listed plans and codes, your Airtel SIM card must already be activated and registered. Before you sign up for any of the data plans offered by Airtel, you should thus check the registration status of your Airtel SIM card.

Therefore, if you are interested in learning more about the most advantageous Airtel data plans, pricing, and subscription coupons to make use of, continue reading. Because these Airtel subscription codes are compatible with any smartphone, regardless of the operating system version, they are also compatible with personal computers and other WiFi-enabled devices. The Airtel awuf data code, which is going to be detailed in the following paragraphs, also offers its consumers a robust network connection. This is the case regardless of the quantity of data that the user has purchased.

However, before we unveil the Airtel weekly data plan, the Airtel monthly data plan code, and the daily plans, we are going to begin instructing you on how to purchase the most recent Airtel data package. These plans, prices, and subscription coupons for Airtel data services have the potential to function as the most advantageous Airtel data plans for students.

How To Buy Airtel Data Plans

The Airtel Nigerian services have made it much simpler than you had anticipated purchasing Airtel data plans, as the subscription codes are now much shorter and much simpler to use regularly. To purchase data plans from Airtel in Nigeria, simply dial *141#, then choose “3” for the data bundle, and continue to follow the prompts on the screen in the order that they appear, as shown below:

  • In addition, pick option 1 to sign up for the daily data bundle.
  • Or go with option 2 to subscribe on a monthly basis.
  • Alternately, select 5 to sign up for a Mega subscription.
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Airtel Daily Data Plans

Within this part, the Airtel subscription code, as well as the price for daily Airtel subscribers, have been supplied. Be aware, however, that the number of these Airtel data packages is limited, and as a result, they are only available for daily use. This particular data plan would be appropriate for light internet users, and it could be possible to classify it as the best Airtel data plan for children.

  • For N50, you receive 20MB. Validity for one day only. Enter *141*50# on your keypad to activate.
  • For N100, you get 75MB. Validity: 1 day. To activate, type *141*100# into your keypad.
  • For N300, you receive 1 GB. Validity for one day only. Enter *141*354 # to begin the activation process.
  • For N500, you get 2GB. validity for one day only. To activate, enter *141*504 # on your keypad.

NOTE: 3-day Airtel data plans can be gotten for N200 by dialing *141*200# to activate.

Airtel Weekly Data Plans

This Airtel data plan code that we are going to reveal in this area may also be perfect for students, and as a result, it may be regarded as the best Airtel data plan for students. Now, have a look at the pricing and subscription codes that are shown below.

  • For N300, you get 350MB and it is valid for 1 week. Entering the code *141*300# will activate it.
  • For N500, you get 1GB and it is valid for 1 week. Entering *141*502# will activate the device.
  • For N1500, you get 6GB and it is valid for 1 week. To activate, enter *141*1504 # on your keypad.

NOTE: 2 weeks’ worth of Airtel data plans can be gotten for N500 by dialing *141*500# to activate.

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Airtel Monthly Data Plan

In this portion of the Airtel data bundles list, we are going to disclose the Airtel monthly data plan code, as well as the pricing, in very straightforward formats. These internet deals from Airtel are only good for a period of 30 days each. Users will soon be able to take advantage of a data bundle plan that offers limitless data for the entire month following a successful purchase of the package.

Users of Airtel who are interested in this particular data plan offered by Airtel should be aware that the plans begin at N1000 and go up from there. To be able to properly subscribe to the soon-to-be-listed Airtel data plans, you will need to recharge the exact amount and dial the exact code that has been associated with the plan of your choice, just as in the examples that are shown below:

  • To purchase 1.5 GB of data for N1,000, dial *141*1000 #. This offer is valid for 30 days.
  • For 2 GB for N1,200, dial *141*1200#. Valid for 30 days.
  • For 3GB for N1,500, dial *141*1500#. Valid for 30 days.
  • To purchase 4.5 GB of data for N2,000, dial *141*2000#. The offer is valid for 30 days.
  • For 6GB for N2,500, dial *141*2500# valid for a period of one month.
  • For 8GB for N3,000, dial *141*3000#. Valid for a period of one month.
  • For 11GB for N4,000, dial *141*4000#. Valid for a period of one month.

Mega Data Plans By Airtel

Although the price of this particular Airtel data plan is quite high, it is considered to be one of the most massive Airtel data plans because it also includes an Airtel double data code. Despite this, the subscription coupons for this particular plan are simple to dial. The 30-day validity period that is included in each of the Airtel MegaPacks and Plans that we are reviewing makes them very similar to the monthly plan in terms of their overall functionality.

Users of the Airtel Mega Plans, on the other hand, will have the ability to access the internet and download files that are larger in size than what they are able to do with the monthly Airtel data plans. These data plans from Airtel are also intended for Airtel subscribers who frequently and heavily browse the internet in great depth. Therefore, if you make extensive use of the internet, these data plans are ideal for you.

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  • 15GB of storage space for N5,000 (dial *141*5000 #), with a validity period of one month.
  • You can get 40 GB for N10,000 by dialing *141*10000#; this offer is good for 30 days.

75 GB for N15,000 (dial *141*15000#) with a one-month validity period.

  • For a validity period of one month, dialing *141*20000# would get you 110 GB of data for N20,000.

Airtel Social Plans

These particular data plans from Airtel have been made available to Airtel customers who are interested in using their mobile data exclusively for social media, as this type of usage is significantly less resource-intensive than other types. It has been observed that the price of these Airtel social plans is lower than the price of other massive data plans, and in addition, the codes for these Airtel social packages are simple and easy to remember.

  • Simply dial *948*4# to activate your 10 MB data plan, which costs N25 and is valid for 24 hours.
  • You can receive 40 MB of data for N50, and it will be active for 24 hours if you dial *991*4#.
  • You will receive 80 MB for N100, and the validity period is for 5 days; to activate, dial *688*3#.
  • For N300, you get 600 MB of data valid for 25 days; to activate it, dial *688*1#.

Youtube Video Strategy

After successfully purchasing one of these data plans from Airtel, customers will now be able to access YouTube at any time of the day or night. This is because the plans have been designed particularly for the purpose of making YouTube accessible. The pricing information and codes for the YouTube Video Plan can be found below.

  • You can browse YouTube at no additional cost while getting 1.5 GB of data for N1000.
  • A 7-day video plan costs N300 and gives you 300 MB of data to use.
  • A 7-day/night video plan is N150, and it comes with 300 MB of data.

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