DSTV Explora Subscription Packages And Prices In Nigeria

Are you thinking about acquiring and installing a DSTV dish in your home or place of business, but you’re unsure how to go about it? You may be confused about how to get DSTV Explora subscription packages and prices because they are more sophisticated than those offered by other top TV decoders.

Are you likewise perplexed as to how much the monthly subscription for DSTV Explora will cost you in Naira? You are not alone in experiencing this problem, which affects the majority of people.

To be more specific, this article is also intended for marketers who deal in DSTV-related decoders who are looking to offer their customers the best DSTV Explora packages and the best DSTV Premium channels. This article will guide you through the important things you need to know about DSTV packages in order to sell them to your customers.

DSTV Explora Subscription Packages And Prices In Nigeria

Continue reading if you are interested in learning everything there is to know about packages and prices for DSTV Explora subscriptions in Nigeria.

DSTV Explora Subscription

DSTV Explora in Nigeria: Everything You Need to Know About It

In its fullest form, Digital Satellite Television is the complete meaning of the abbreviation “DSTV.” It has gained popularity among other TV decoders over the years, and it continues to outperform all other TV decoders in terms of having the best subscription rate to date. However, the launch of the other DSTV kind, the DSTV Explora, has resulted in the promotion of the DSTV brand as the top cable TV brand in Nigeria, making it the most popular in the country.

On the other hand, the DSTV Explora has increased the number of channels available on the decoder by including the DStv Premium channels, such as this one, which was previously only available as part of the DStv PVR subscription. This has been accomplished while maintaining the low-cost and package options of the DSTV Explorer. Nonetheless, the Dstv Explora price Jumia and the Dstv Compact price have both established themselves as being among the cheapest of the major TV decoders over the years.

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Considering that this DSTV decoder was established in the early years of 1995, it has made significant waves in the market ever since because of its affordable prices and subscription packages for DSTV Explora in Nigeria. Because of this, DSTV has gained a large number of customers in Nigeria, with over 10 million people currently subscribing to the DStv Explora subscription in Nigeria at any given time.

DSTV Explora Decoder In Nigeria: How Much Does It Cost?

Prices and packages for DSTV Explora subscriptions in Nigeria have been determined to be different since there is still much deliberation between the DSTV new price and the DSTV Compact Plus extra view price. Consider the many pricing options for the DSTV Explora decoder, which is available at two distinct price points according to the Dstv Explora price Jumia.

The first-generation DSTV Explora decoders are more expensive, with prices ranging between N59,000 and N63,000. It is more lasting than the other types because it includes a 1-month DSTV Compact subscription as well as a smart LNB and a DSTV dish.

With the second DSTV Explora decoder, you can get a decoder for about N55,000 to N58,000. It is intended for those who are unable to afford the previous model of the DSTV Explora decoder. This model is significantly less expensive.

DSTV Explora Subscription Packages And Prices In Nigeria

Aside from the monthly subscription fee for DSTV Explora, the packages offered by DSTV Explora have proven difficult for DSTV subscribers to take advantage of. As a result, let us remain calm as we learn about the DSTV Subscription Package-Price and Plans in Nigeria for the upcoming calendar year.

DSTV Premium

This particular DSTV Explora Monthly Subscription in Nigeria is one of the most expensive in the world. It exceeds both the DStv Compact Plus extra view price and the usual DStv Compact price, and it includes the DStv Premium channels, so it provides the same value as a DSTV Premium subscription.

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The question is, however, how much is the monthly subscription for DSTV Explora, specifically for this premium form of subscription? According to reports, it costs N15,800 per month and includes limitless DStv Premium channels, which exceed 85 television channels and include amazing DStv Explora features, in addition to other DStv Premium channels.

DSTV Compact Plus (+)

Because of the “plus” designation that has been assigned to this particular DSTV Explora Subscription Plan, the question “Do you pay extra for DSTV Explora?” has been asked on a regular basis. The answer is a resounding no, as you are only paying N6800 per month, which is significantly less than the standard DSTV Explora monthly subscription in Nigeria.

These DStv Compact channels in Nigeria are mostly for sports enthusiasts, since they primarily consist of sports channels, with the ability to watch other sports tournaments such as motorcycle races, unlimited wrestling, boxing, and other competitions, to name a few. This DSTV Compact Plus extra view price, together with the other benefits, has made the DSTV Explora monthly subscription fee well worth it.

DSTV Compact

In order to obtain this DStv Compact price, you must have a valid DStv PVR subscription. The subscription rate for this package remains at the same level as the previous DStv Compact Plus extra view price, which was N6800 per month. However, unlike the DSTV Compact Plus (+) plan, customers of the DSTV Compact plan will not be able to receive access to any other limitless sports channels, whereas users of the DSTV Compact Plus (+) plan would.

It’s also crucial to remember that subscribers to the DSTV Compact channels in Nigeria get access to over 60 regional and multinational television channels, which makes the DSTV Compact subscription fee well worth the money spent. DSTV Compact and DSTV Compact Plus (+) also differ in that the former is not readily available for users with the DSTV HD decoders, whereas the latter is.

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DSTV Family

This type of package and price for DSTV Explora subscriptions in Nigeria is the most advantageous in terms of family management and cost, as it incorporates a variety of intriguing and friendly offers. While incorporating more than 50 TV channels in relation to the DStv PVR subscription.

Despite its low monthly subscription fee of N4,000, this DSTV Family package also includes additional outstanding DSTV Explora features such as audio channels and FM, making this DSTV package type one of the most affordable Dstv Explora prices in Jumia and other online shopping sites for DSTV.

DSTV Access

If you want to subscribe to DSTV Explora in Nigeria at the lowest cost, then this package is for you. Because it is considered to be the cheapest DSTV Explora Subscription Packages and Prices in Nigeria and because its users would never pay extra for DSTV Explora, with just the amount of N1,800 per month. 

Apart from offering the cheapest Nigerian subscription rate for DSTV Explora, it also offers up to 45 enthralling TV channels, including both foreign and local channels. It’s also worth noting that this DSTV Access package includes several audio channels, which makes it a good pick among the DSTV Explora Subscription Plans and Costs in Nigeria options.

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It has been established that the Nigerian subscription rates for DSTV Explora are one of the best TV subscription choices that customers can make because it contains amazing attributes such as the DSTV Explora features, the DSTV Premium channels, and the DSTV Compact channels, among other things.

When DSTV Explora is ordered and installed in its totality, subscribers will not be required to pay extra for DSTV Explora. As a result of all of these incredible features, the DSTV Explora plan has skyrocketed in popularity while still retaining a positive brand image when it comes to DSTV Explora subscription packages and prices in Nigeria.

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