Local SEO For Dentists: 11 Critical Steps To Rank #1

Because the dental industry is one of the most competitive markets in the world, dental professionals may find that they do not have enough time to develop an SEO strategy that will allow them to get the most out of their vocation.

Because of this, they will not receive a large number of patients, and as a result, they will lose local customers. On the other hand, if you implement a local SEO approach, you will be able to get more local patients to visit your office.

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Get Started With Your Local SEO For Dentists’ Practices!

So that we can stay at the top of the marketing game, let’s get right down to learning the 11 most important things you need to do to rank first for your SEO local search dentist queries.

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1. Make Sure Your Listings Are Up To Date

Your first step in implementing a local SEO for dentists tactics should be to update your company listing on “Google My Business.” Doing so will help you appear on Google Maps when potential clients in your area search for your services.

Therefore, you are required to edit your listing if it contains any errors. To begin, you will need to sign up for a “Google My Business” account and then proceed to modify your business’s hours, address, website, and phone number.

You can accomplish this by going into your account and selecting the option that allows you to manage your free listing. Then you can use your search engine to look up the business information of your local search dentist.

2. Research Local SEO For Dentists’ Keywords

Research Local SEO For Dentists' Keywords

The process of studying and selecting the most effective dentist keywords for SEO campaigns may sound difficult, but it may actually be rather straightforward if the tools that are used for this research are intuitive and easy to use.

These tools will also give you extra information about the keywords, such as the keyword search volume and the competition, to assist you in improving your approach for optimizing your website for local search dentists queries.

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To get started with this process, you can type:

  • Find and improve the quality of your existing keywords.
  • Take note of your competitors’ keyword listings.
  • Identify and use the keywords that are relevant to your patient.
  • Take seasonal trends into account when you do research for your local SEO for dentists’ keywords.

3. Improve The User Experience Of Your Website

If you want to improve your local SEO strategy for dentists, it is necessary to provide a user experience (UX) that is both easy to use and of high quality. This is because Google and other search engines place a high emphasis on UX.

The process of improving your user experience should begin with the creation of written content that not only responds to the inquiries of your patients but also addresses the FAQs and caters to their specific needs.

Other techniques to improve the user experience of your local search dentist website include the following:

  • Make sure that each of your dental services has its own unique landing page.
  • Include both a clearly defined location page and local content on your website.
  • Create a unique URL, title tag, and SEO meta description for each page.
  • Optimize your website so that it can be viewed on mobile devices.
  • Reduce the time it takes for your page to completely load.

4. Don’t Buy Backlinks

When it comes to the off-page local SEO for dentists’ posts you write, backlinks are a very vital component. However, you shouldn’t try to trick Google by purchasing such backlinks in the first place.

Buying backlinks can hurt your search engine optimization efforts or lead to no beneficial influence at all. Also, Google’s algorithms are now very good at figuring out which links have been bought.

Instead, you should focus on making original, relevant content if you want to get high-quality backlinks from websites with high domains.

To ensure that you get the most out of your local SEO for dentists and doctors campaign, you should read more about “how to gain quality backlinks” and “how to check backlink quality.” Both of these topics are available on our website.

5. Health And Safety Requirements

As a result of the pandemic worry, patients now want to know about the dentist’s health and safety before they go to any of the local search dentists out there.

Therefore, to keep things on track, you need to make sure that your patient has all of the relevant information. Your patients will feel more at ease and have more faith in your product brand as a result of this safety information.

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This local SEO for dentists’ safety information may contain things like mask regulations, temperature checks, safety precautions for personnel, and any other essential information they need to know in advance.

6. Make Use Of The Calls And Messages Provided By GBP

Make Use Of The Calls And Messages Provided By GBP

Customers who conduct a Google search are guaranteed to contact businesses that are listed in GBP. Because of this, you need to make sure that you hire an SEO professional or consultant to handle these calls when they come in.

This is because if you don’t answer calls and messages from the internet, your customers will have a bad experience with your customer service, which can hurt your efforts to optimize your local website for dentists.

7. Consistency In The NAP And During Office Hours

Based on the results of our survey, 65% of patients and people who use dentists say they look at GBP listings to find out the dentist’s service contact numbers, office hours, and addresses.

The next question I ask is, “If the information you update about your NAP and office hours are wrong, what will happen to your company?”

Because of this, your local SEO for dentists’ offices will suffer, and this will continue to affect how well you do at the top of Google’s search engine results pages.

8. Carry Out An SEO Analysis That Is Technical

Conducting a thorough and expert analysis of the technical SEO aspects of your dentist’s operations is yet another easy way to move your local search dentist to the top of the list of search results displayed by Google.

In contrast to the on-page SEO strategy, the tech-SEO approach calls for a higher level of technical skill. When conducting an analysis of your tech-SEO, you will need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your website laid out in a way that makes it easier for search engine optimization?
  • Where on your website did you decide to put all of the crucial buttons and calls to action?
  • Where is the primary menu bar for navigating your service?
  • If it is not located in the top left corner, your site visitors may have a difficult time seeing it.

9. Publish New Articles On A Regular Basis

If your dentist’s website has a blog area, you should make sure that you publish new content and blog entries on a consistent basis while preventing keyword cannibalization.

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This is one of the aspects that play a significant role in the tactics for your local SEO for dentists and doctors. And the search engine’s algorithms will always favor websites that employ this strategy.

You can ensure that you always publish new content by creating a blogging schedule for your local SEO strategy. This will allow you to publish new content on a consistent basis. It could occur once a day or once every seven days.

10. Attend Reputable Dental Forums

Participating in well-known online dentistry communities can help you become an expert in your field, which is another good way to improve your local SEO for dentists’ and doctors’ campaigns.

In addition, register for additional dental-related forums and make an effort to be an active participant in such communities. After that, you can begin to connect with others by leaving comments about dental and other related topics that are informative.

Additionally, you have the option of pasting the URL of your website at the bottom of each and every comment that you post. When people click on the link, it will definitely help to bring in more traffic from your local search engine.

11. Track Your Performance

Track Your Performance

Here are the three most important metrics you need to track to see if your local SEO for dentists campaigns is working or not:


Both the overall rankings of your website domain and the rankings of location-specific keywords are factors that need to be reviewed at least once but no more than twice each month.


You are going to want to keep track of how much traffic is coming to your website from the many different queries that people who visit your website are entering into local search engines.


It is vital to additionally track the conversion rate in relation to the click-through rate that your prospects and your patients give to the content on your website. This is necessary because of the importance of conversions.

Wrapping Up

If you want your local SEO for dentists and doctors campaigns to skyrocket and bring in more clients who are eager to pay, then you need to follow these 11 essential measures that have been outlined above.

However, you can still hire any of the top SEO companies in the world because they will deliver the greatest results while still driving you to achieve a higher ROI (Return Of Investment).

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