2023 Instagram SEO: 9 Quick Fixes To Boost Your Reach

Instagram is a great place to promote your business, but you need to use a very reasonable amount of SEO techniques to make the most of your efforts.

You may greatly improve your sales potential by learning how to increase SEO on Instagram and improve your online visibility among a broader audience.

Since Instagram SEO tactics differ from standard Google SEO practices, using them to enhance your reach and number of followers may prove to be difficult.

We’d like to warn you that if you’re not familiar with social media SEO tactics, it will take some time and effort on your part to adjust to the distinctive nature of this strategy.

Having said that, this in-depth guide has been released to show you the best Instagram SEO tactics that will propel you to become an Instagram celebrity.

Questions like, “How can I improve my SEO reach? How can Instagram increase SEO for e-commerce?” will now have satisfactory explanations after reading this content.

Now, let’s jump right into the 2 main types of Instagram SEO and the notion behind them.

What Is Instagram SEO?

What Is Instagram SEO?

Instagram SEO is the methodical process of boosting your Instagram profile and content to increase your account’s prominence in search results.

This post will discuss a number of methods for accomplishing this, including using Instagram’s search function, adding captions, and more.

You may greatly enhance your profile’s reach and grow your Instagram followers to draw advertising by employing efficient Instagram SEO tactics.

It’s also worth noting that there are 2 distinct forms of search engine optimization (SEO) within the Instagram app. And there is on-page and off-page Instagram SEO.

  • On-Page SEO: This refers to the customization options available for your individual account. You may do this by including relevant keywords for Instagram in your profile and image captions.
  • Off-page SEO: On the other hand, off-page SEO includes anything you do outside your Instagram profile to improve your SEO. Creating inbound links to your profile is a prime example.

9 Instagram SEO Quick Fixes To Boost Your Reach

Below, you’ll find a full explanation of the most important considerations for improving your Instagram SEO to rank higher than a celebrity’s.

Let’s take a look at them!

1. Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Do you realize that Instagram’s search algorithm is very much like Google’s? It accomplishes this by returning the profiles most relevant to the user’s search.

The Instagram bots that display search results to users take into account a number of criteria, including how well you’ve customized your profile to outshine the competition.

If you’re a professional social media manager on Instagram or just a regular user, you can benefit from the following Instagram SEO tactics:

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Including your industry’s keywords for Instagram in your Instagram name and username will greatly increase the visibility of your profile in search results.


Watch out for the biography part of your Instagram profile if you want to increase SEO on Instagram. Provide a detailed description of your brand here to attract more customers.

2. Consistency Is Essential

When using Instagram SEO tactics, consistency is of the utmost importance. Maintaining a regular posting schedule and consistently posting high-quality content are two of the most important considerations.

If you don’t keep posting useful stuff, your followers will eventually disappear. If regular users see that you aren’t posting new stuff frequently, they may unfollow you.

Be sure that the information you share on your profile fits together thematically. Make sure each and every one of your postings is relevant to a single subfield.

If you run a celebrity news Instagram account, for instance, your postings should consistently address topics related to that niche. And under no circumstances should you discuss political news in your profile.

3. Use keywords For Instagram In Your Captions

You may increase the number of people who visit your Instagram profile by using SEO-friendly phrases and sentences in your captions.

Learning the strategies used by top SEO professionals to do keyword research is vital if you want to enhance the captions of your Instagram posts.

You may reach more people on Instagram who are interested in your service if you take the time to learn about the platform’s target keywords and include them in your captions.

The good news is that you can utilize one of several free Instagram SEO tools for keyword research. Using these tools, you may examine the phrases that people are using to find your profile.

You may learn which terms are bringing people to your Instagram account by employing this SEO strategy. For instance, you may use Google Analytics to fine-tune how effective your Instagram posts are.

In addition, Google Trends might be a huge aid in this situation. Discover related keywords to try out in your Instagram posts with the assistance of this tool.

4. Stick To Your Brand

Stick To Your Brand - Instagram SEO Tactics

Consistency with the brand identity you want to use is essential when crafting content and shaping your Instagram account.

In order to increase SEO on Instagram, it is essential that all of your posts precisely reflect the values and ethos of your brand.

Also, keep in mind that this tactic works equally well on any social media site.

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Here are some Instagram SEO tactics and brand consistency examples to consider.

  • If your brand boasts vibrant colors, then it is essential that all your posts reflect that same energy.
  • If your brand’s appearance is typically minimalistic, it’s in your best interest to maintain that consistency throughout all your postings.
  • If you find filter effects appealing, you can maintain visual cohesion across all of your brand’s media by always using the same filter.

5. Add Subtitles To Enhance Video Content

Automatic subtitles for videos are a feature that will always be available in the Instagram app. Why? Because it provides a far more satisfying interaction for the user.

Using video subtitles that incorporate your keywords for Instagram will offer the benefit of providing more context and foundation to your SEO campaign.

In addition to increasing your profile’s exposure on Instagram and traditional search engines, this will also increase the number of people who visit your profile.

The speed with which Instagram engine bots can crawl and index your posts, content, videos, and written pieces will be much improved by including subtitled videos in your Instagram SEO tactics.

6. Promote The Act Of Tagging

The process of getting your profile tagged is another way to increase SEO on Instagram and increase your reach.

People can easily find your Instagram profile when your followers and fans mention it in their posts or Instagram Stories.

More tags on your photos increase the likelihood that the Instagram bot will review your profile and promote it to other users.

Inviting your followers to tag your business in their Instagram posts and other product photographs is a great Instagram SEO strategy for increasing the number of tags you receive.

Then you should show this group of fans how much you appreciate their work by reposting some of their images, write-ups, or videos.

7. Be A Real Person

Another important Instagram SEO strategy for expanding your audience and fan base is to show the world who you really are.

However, search engines are always improving their features to make them more intuitive for humans, favoring genuine users in the process.

The more humanlike your Instagram account appears, the more likely bots are to notice it and promote your brand.

To get the most out of your Instagram account, you should always be genuine and encourage only organic comments and likes.

However, Instagram’s complex algorithm will quickly hide or demote users who don’t follow its guidelines for online conduct.

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If you want to increase SEO on Instagram, you need to show that you are a real person bypassing all of the human verification criteria.

8 Add A Location In Your Biography

If it is pertinent to your business, consider incorporating a location into your biography, as this will increase your Instagram profile and site’s authority.

Only Instagram business profiles have the option to add a location. You should therefore, if you haven’t already, think about making the transition to a business account.

Launch the Instagram app, and then hit the profile icon to edit your bio for the profile location.

Simply select “Edit Profile” and then “Contact Options” to gain access to the location-based customizations.

After that, you’ll have to give your address in as much detail as you’re comfortable with.

You can go even further and give your specific street address and house number if you so choose. Otherwise, you may simply indicate your town and country.

9. Engage With Profiles That Rank For Your Keywords

Ways to increase SEO on Instagram

Another good place to start is by engaging with social media accounts that already score highly for the keywords you want to use in your Instagram strategy.

If you want Instagram bots to recognize you as part of a specific niche, you should engage with other users in that niche who are currently doing well in search results for your target keywords.

When consumers conduct a search using keywords for Instagram services, the Instagram bots will promote your profile to the top of the results page.

In addition, if you actively communicate with other Instagram accounts in your industry, you can enhance the traffic to your profile through the accounts’ followers.

Instagram SEO Tactics: Final Thoughts

It is crucial to consistently include relevant keywords for Instagram within your profile username, hashtags, subtitles, and in all corners of your profile.

If you’re going to include any of these terms in your Instagram post, remember to put the most crucial ones up front.

You also shouldn’t overlook the value of SEO hashtags on Instagram, which helps link your published post to others that use the same hashtags.

To effectively engage with your client base and increase SEO on Instagram once and for all, it is crucial to incorporate long-tail keywords that will easily cover users’ intent.

For this reason, it is very pertinent to learn how to generate and implement these sets of key phrases into your Instagram profile by reading this guide: How to Rank for Long-Tail Keywords.

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