GOtv Smallie Package, Channel List, And Price

You have arrived at the right place, as you are about to learn everything there is to know about the GOtv smallie package, channel list, and price. While doing so, we will also provide you with all the general information you need to learn about all there is to know about this specific type of GOTV package, which is considered to be the cheapest one available.

However, despite the fact that it is considered to be the cheapest, it still has a sufficient number of channels available in its channel list, as the most common question that people ask is, “what channels are in the GOtv smallie package?” This GOTV has an interesting channel list just like that of the DSTV, as they are both owned by the same company that owns the DStv packages.

GOtv Smallie Package In Nigeria: Everything You Need To Know About It

Do you know that the GOtv Lite package has been replaced with the GOtv Smallie bundle since it now contains a number of additional features? On the other hand, you are free to investigate this on your own by visiting the GOtv Smallie website, where you will find additional fascinating information concerning the GOtv Smallie bundle’s channel lineup.

Since it was first introduced in Nigeria a few years ago, GOTV’s popularity has risen, and it is now widely regarded as one of the most reputable television networks in all of Africa. GOTV is one of the major pay television networks in general in Africa. However, it is necessary to bring to your attention the fact that this GOTV smallie bundle has the potential to be regarded as one of the cheapest decoders in Nigeria.

Therefore, keep reading to find out more exciting information about this small package of GOTV services, which is both cheap and affordable.

GOtv Smallie Package, Channel List, And Price
GOtv Smallie Package, Channel List, And Price

GOtv Smallie Package, Channel List, And Price

It is important that you take note of the fact that the GOTV Smallie channel list and rates that we are going to reveal to you are for the smallest version of the GOTV bundles that you could possibly imagine. This GOtv Smallie bundle, on the other hand, is exactly opposite to the highest available version of the DSTV package, which is referred to as the DSTV Explora Subscription plan.

On the other hand, users may also inquire, “What is GOtv smallie monthly subscription?” This will also be explained in greater depth in the next section. Users have the ability to subscribe to the GOtv Smallie Quarterly channels list using any one of the distinct payment methods, all of which are conveniently located for user purposes.

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Having said that, let’s move on to the next topic at hand, which is the list of channels included in the GOTV Smallie package.

List Of Channels On GOtv Smallie

In addition to listing the names of the channels and the channel numbers that are included in this GOtv smallie bundle, we are going to elaborate more on the question “how many channels are in GOtv smallie annual?” After this, there is the GOTV Smallie parcel, which includes 36 channels in addition to a few more foreign television shows.

As a result, the channel lineups for the GOTV smallie bundle is shown below, along with the proper and alternative channel numbers for each channel. On the other hand, the channel lists have been divided up into their respective categories.

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Documentary, Lifestyle, And Educational Programming

Due to the fact that it broadcasts many forms of entertainment, this channel is considered to be among the best that are included in the GOTV smallie plans. Only one channel falls under the purview of this particular channel type, and that channel is

  • Spice TV-(Channel 10).

The Athletics

However, there is only one channel in the sports area to choose from. As a result, customers who subscribe to the GOTV smallie bundle are only given access to a single intriguing sports channel. This channel is;

  • BLITZ-(Channel 30)

The Children And Young Adults’ Section

If you subscribe to this package, your children will be able to watch all of their favorite television programs. Due to the fact that they could only watch one show, which is;

  • JimJam – (Channel 61)

The Music Category

At the moment, there are just two primary categories of channels available within the music category. This provides music fans with a wide variety of entertaining music videos and dance videos, which keeps them thoroughly entertained.

  • AFRO Music English
  • Urban TV 

Audio Channels

I was wondering whether you were aware that many GOtv subscription packages include radio programming for your enjoyment. The channels that can be found on audio channels are listed below.

  • Naija FM – (Channel 301)
  • Wazobia FM – (Channel 303)
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General Entertainment

In this section as well, you may see two different channels, just like in the music section. The two channels that can be found in the general entertainment category are listed below.

  • TVC Entertainment -(Channel 27)
  • Trybe TV – (Channel 97)


Users of the GOTV smallie bundle are able to watch four different religious channels, but there are no other religious channels available.

  • FAITH – (Channel 80)
  • Dove TV – (Channel 83)
  • Emmanuel TV – (Channel 82)
  • CHANNEL OF ISLAM – (Channel 81)

Business and Current Events

This category of GOTV channels offers customers content that is not only entertaining but also educational. Television programs covering business and economics are available in this category while having a total number of five channels.

  • NTA Parliament – (Channel 115)
  • Al Jazeera – (Channel 40)
  • TVC News Nigeria – (Channel 45)
  • NTA News 24 – (Channel 46)
  • CHANNELS – (Channel 48)

Channels On A Local Level

There are twenty different intriguing shows broadcast on the local channels, making this category of channels the one with the largest total number of channels.

  • AIT – (Channel 93).
  • EBS – (Channel 104),
  • BCOS – (Channel 105)
  • BISCON TV – (Channel 108)
  • Galaxy TV – (Channel 99).
  • The Channel on Liberty TV – (Channel 110)
  • NTA 2 – (Channel 114)
  • ITV Benin – (Channel 107)
  • LAGOS TV – (Channel 90)
  • Channel 100 – (OGTV)
  • ONMAX – (Channel 96),
  • Wazobia TV – (Channel 98)
  • The International NTA – (Channel 91)
  • The R2TV – (of channel number 112)
  • Arewa 24 – (Channel 101)
  • WAP TV – (Channel 102)
  • RAVE – (Channel 113)
  • RSTV – (Channel 103)
  • Sunna TV – (Channel 84)
  • SILVERBIRD – (Channel 92)

What Does The GOtv Smallie Package Cost In Nigeria?

Due to the fact that this is one of the most commonly asked topics regarding the GOtv Smallie bundle, channel list, and price, we will now discuss the GOtv Smallie cost in this area. However, the GOTV light package used to cost N400 per month, but the most recent version, which is now called the GOTV smallie package, costs N800 per month.

The GOTV Smallie Quarterly subscription costs merely N2,100, while the GOTV Smallie Annual Package costs N6,200. GOtv users have the option of subscribing to the service for a full year through what is known as the “GOtv Smallie Annual Package.” As a result, you are strongly encouraged to go and sign up for an exciting GOTV smallie bundle in order to get started enjoying its perks.

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However, before we get to that point, let’s go over the proper steps to take in order to subscribe to the GOTV smallie subscription plan.

How To Subscribe To GOtv Smallie Package

If you want to properly subscribe to the GOTV smallie parcel with its affordable price range, you will need to follow the procedure that is outlined below very carefully. Doing so will give you access to the whole channel lineup that comes with the package.

  • Launch the browser application you’re using, and immediately go to
  • In addition, select the “smallie” as the preferred package for your selection from the available options.
  • It is now necessary for you to enter the number that is printed on your decoder card. (You need to exercise caution while doing this.)
  • The next step is to key in the correct digits and information for your Naira debit card.
  • In addition to this, you will be required to finish your transaction by using an OTP, which will then be delivered to your bank instantly.

NOTE: as part of the process of completing this transaction, you will need to check to see if your GOTV decoder is turned on. This is necessary if the subscription package you purchased has already terminated before this time.


If you are looking for information about the GOTV smallie package, including the channel list and the price, then I am certain that this article will provide you with all of the information that you require. If, on the other hand, you found this post to be informative, we would be grateful if you could help us distribute the latest information by sharing it with one or more of your friends.

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