13+ Best Free SEO Optimized WordPress Theme

After conducting an extensive website rank analysis, EucarlMedia found that around 73.9% of all search engine traffic is directed toward the first five results displayed in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

These facts have highlighted the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) to a website’s ranking result. Bloggers and website owners need to do well in search engine optimization in order to rank highly.

You are in luck since there are some straightforward strategies that can help you move up in the rankings. Having a WordPress theme that is optimized for search engines like Google is another strategy that will help increase traffic to your website.

These best free SEO optimized WordPress themes work closely with search engines to guarantee that the codebase of your website is aligned with the optimal SEO approach for faster indexing, and they do this by collaborating with search engines.

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of our primary objective for the day, which is to unveil the 13+ SEO friendly WordPress theme, just as we did when we disclosed the specifics of the 9 best on-page SEO plugins for WordPress.

List Of The Best Free SEO optimized WordPress Themes

Funny enough, WordPress provides a number of themes that are optimized for search engine optimization. However, we have taken the time to select for you the 13+ free SEO friendly WordPress themes. Additional information can be found down below:


ASTRA / Best Free SEO Optimized WordPress Theme

The editors’ pick users have voted this as the top overall theme, so it must be good. Because it is a free SEO friendly WordPress theme, it has quickly become the theme with the largest user base that is expanding at the quickest rate.

The WordPress theme Astra, which has been optimized for search engines, has a stunning and breathtaking look. Even e-commerce, blogging, and other specialized WordPress websites can benefit from using it.

It also has a very lightweight code consumption, and its loading speed is comparable to that of Flash, which is another one of its many appealing features. In addition to this, its design is very responsive and has a great user experience.


What do you think? Avada is currently positioned in second place among the very best free SEO optimized WordPress theme that has been designed for search engines like Google. Users can modify the theme in any way they see fit.

That is rather cool, isn’t it? We have not yet finished describing all of the incredible qualities it possesses. The last parts are an easy-to-use interface, a lot of help for users, and a huge library of websites that have already been built.

It is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is designed for search engines and was developed with SEO best practices in mind. You may easily develop websites for any business sector with Avada’s assistance.


Due to the fact that this is the premium version, it will, for the most part, be counted among the purchase versions of SEO optimized WordPress themes that we will mention in this piece because it is a paid version.

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Because of its unique user interface and theme, it has more than 800,000 users who are actively using the service. It has a lesser level of sophistication and a structure and quality that make it good for building many different kinds of websites.

The fact that it supports over 25 different language kinds and has over 500 different individualized options is just another one of its jaw-dropping features. Even if it received 9.9 stars, it still has decent navigation for the widget area.


According to its name, this best free SEO optimized WordPress theme focuses mostly on fashion blogs, beauty websites, and lifestyle websites. The user interface is intuitive and simple to operate.

The blossom Feminine also has a number of website templates that you can use to show off your content and items in a classy way. It also comes with a variety of website colors and gradients to choose from.

This WordPress theme comes with an SEO optimization layout that is in line with the recommendations made by Google SEO webmaster guidelines. This layout is also helpful in bringing in more traffic in the right direction.


OceanWP, which is a versatile theme with many exceptional masterpieces, has finally been listed among the best free SEO optimized WordPress theme, which is presently in use by a large number of users. These themes are available from the WordPress theme repository.

OceanWP is a professional theme that comes packed with amazing features such as being totally responsive, having a quick loading speed, being ready for WooCommerce, and being very customizable for any type of website creation.

Users of this SEO friendly WordPress theme may get prompt responses to any inquiries they have from subject matter experts regarding how to use and navigate this theme that is optimized for search engine optimization (SEO).


The Rara Business theme is yet another SEO optimized WordPress theme that has also been made for various search engines. It is responsive, user-friendly, and easy to use, and its layout is built for search engine optimization (SEO).

Because of its attractive appearance and pre-built, search engine optimization (SEO)-enhanced WordPress theme templates, it is adaptable to any kind of company website and enables faster crawling and indexing by search engines.

It includes 12 different sections on the homepage where users can post their own material, as well as the products and services they offer. You are able to add your abilities on the page that is provided for your portfolio.



If you are a blogger, then I believe that you should give the Vilva SEO optimized WordPress theme a shot because it will be the ideal choice for you to make your work more straightforward.

Because of how flexible it is, the Vilva theme can be used for many different kinds of websites, such as travel sites, real estate websites, food blogs, fashion sites, coaching sites, SEO blogs and many more.

This WordPress theme comes with a number of different homepages that have different ways of putting things like banners, call-to-action buttons, social media icons, headers, single posts, and archives together.

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This is one of the best free SEO optimized WordPress themes, and it was designed specifically for news and blog websites. In addition to that, there are other widget spots where users can display advertisements.

This WordPress theme is a great choice for affiliate blogs and sites that are just starting out and want to move up in the search engine results pages (SERPs) as quickly as possible for profit gain.

However, The overall grade for this WordPress theme is 9.8 out of 10. Its design of it also works well with the numerous aspects that go into SEO. In addition to having a pleasant user interface, it also has a good page load speed.


a very well-known style of SEO optimized WordPress theme. Those of us who have been writing consistently for a number of years can speak to the consistency of this theme. In most cases, we refer to it as “Old But Gold.”

This SEO friendly WordPress theme is continually updated to conform to the most recent trends, despite the fact that it is an extremely old design. Because of this, it still has great code while also being quite lightweight.

In addition to being incredibly simple to understand, the code is completely responsive. Because it has so many options for customization, it is also one of the most reliable free WordPress themes that have been optimized for search engines.

10. The Newsman Theme

This ought to be our second WordPress theme that has been tuned for search engine optimization and has been found to have a premium version. It comes with clean code and a design that has been optimized for search engines, making it suitable for most websites.

The Newsmag SEO optimized WordPress theme was made so that its pages will load quickly even though the website has a lot of content that uses a lot of resources, like photos, graphs, online shopping dashboards, videos, or text.

Because it is a premium service, it grants its users access to a limitless number of personalization options. In addition to this, it is AdSense-optimized in order to maximize the amount of money that may be made from your website.

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You won’t have to be concerned about your text fonts and their scale, the amount of space in your header, or anything else that can cause you annoyance when you use this SEO optimized WordPress theme.

Installing the free theme and adding the required components, such as your company’s logo and motto, is all that is required to make use of this. This theme also includes a selection of scheme markups for you to use.

The SEO-optimized WordPress theme from GeneratePress has another amazing benefit: users can easily update the theme to the latest version with just one click.

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This is without a doubt one of the very best free SEO optimized WordPress themes for commercial websites that is also SEO-friendly. With this theme, users can build almost any kind of website design they can think of with the click of a button.

The Gutenshop eCommerce Theme is completely compatible with the majority of websites, and it is easy to go through whenever you want to change any of its settings. In addition, the theme is fully responsive to user input.

In addition, this WordPress theme does not make use of any outside code libraries or side page builders. Because of this, using the theme has become incredibly quick over the course of these many years.


another best free SEO optimized WordPress theme that is tailored specifically for use on magazine and newspaper blogs. Take note that this theme can be used for absolutely no cost and is appropriate for use on business websites.

But, what do you think? The theme has a variety of eye-catching features, like slideshows, portfolio Gutenberg blocks, and more. This theme is ideal for you if you want to increase the amount of traffic that visits your website.

The layout of the theme has also been extensively optimized for search engine optimization, which means that it loads quickly and speeds up your website. This makes it easier for users to complete tasks on your site, which in turn increases your click-through rate.



This is one of the best free SEO optimized WordPress themes for business websites. This theme allows its users to easily build any type of website design you can imagine. It can be used for a variety of website purposes.

On the other hand, it comes packaged with over 400 pre-built Demon websites and a variety of Demon imports, which make it possible for novice users and website owners to traverse their WordPress websites with ease.

A content-specific nature that supports any kind of content creation, from articles to videos, is supported by the theme as well as the layout, which is noted for being user-friendly and having this nature.

The Best Free SEO optimized WordPress Theme To Help You Rank Higher

When trying to get organic traffic, there are a great many factors to take into mind, of course. But if you use the very finest WordPress theme, success will come much more effortlessly to you.

Because of this, you should always make sure that you select the finest SEO optimized WordPress theme that has the most features because the theme you select for your website has a significant impact on how your page will appear to search engine bots.

That will do for the time being! We strongly encourage you to check out some of our other fantastic articles by clicking on the EucarlMedia logo that can be found in the upper left-hand corner of this page. Keep an eye out!

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