Top 13 SEO Free Course For Beginners

Enrolling in an SEO course is the most effective technique for someone who is just starting out in SEO to increase their expertise in the subject of SEO. Because of this, you will have a better insight into the fundamentals of the program.

As a result of this, the SEO Team Lead here at Eucarl Media has conducted extensive research to compile a list of the top 13 best SEO free course for beginners. These courses are all available online.

You will obtain all the information that you require concerning these classes by reading this page. The courses also come in a pro version, which is designed specifically for more advanced SEO learning.

However, we do hope that you will not become confused about which course to enroll in because all of these courses have been evaluated by members of our SEO team, and they have all been found to be flawless.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dive deeper into the list of SEO free course for beginners. But before we get to that, why don’t we take a quick preview?

Preview Of SEO Free Course For Beginners

All of these courses are available online, although the vast majority of them are presented in the form of videos. The rest of the classes could be shown as infographics or written as blog posts.

There is NO COST associated with any of the classes. Some may have deadlines, which means that if you miss a deadline, you may have to pay a fee in order to continue attending the course after the deadline has passed.

On the other hand, if you sign up for an SEO free course for beginners, you should learn the material as quickly and often as possible to make the deadline.

One more thing to keep in mind is that in order to get access to any of these classes, you will need to first make an account. The process of creating an account takes no more than a few minutes at most.

SmallSEOTools is a free SEO tool; hence if you want to boost your SEO authority after completing these SEO free course for beginners and want to use an SEO tool, you can use SmallSEOTools.

Then you can sit back and watch yourself become an SEO guru.

SEO Free Course For Beginners (Top 13 Best Platforms To Enroll)

The details in the previous preview paragraphs encompass the information in the about-to-be-listed SEO free online course with a certificate.

But because each of these classes is on a different platform, the information in the paragraphs we are entering now is different for each class.

Let’s get things going in the right direction!

1. Coursera Free SEO Course

Coursera Free SEO Course

Coursera, which offers a user-friendly interface for learning, was going to be our first SEO free course for beginners that we intended on bringing to you. We chose Coursera because of its appealing nature.

Their course materials are made with the help of academic institutions, professionals in the field, and subject matter experts. There is a possibility that some of these people could be hired as SEO educators.

Users who enroll in the SEO Coursera course can obtain a certificate even while downloading and compiling SEO materials like videos, PDFs, or papers for later use in their personal cloud storage.

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When I first started taking the class, I made sure to cover a lot of ground when it came to search engine optimization (SEO), but the basics of SEO and advanced levels were all learned by me.

This included everything from on-page SEO to off-page SEO, the fundamentals of tech SEO to Google SEO, increasing SEO traffic with WordPress, getting started with Google SEO, and many other topics.

2. HubSpot SEO Free Course For Beginners

Once you have finished enrolling in this free HubSpot SEO training course, it will immediately merge with your LinkedIn profile. This will take place as soon as your enrollment is complete.

Consequently, as a result of this, you stand out among other SEO specialists and among your rivals. It wouldn’t be hard for recruiters who want to hire an SEO expert to see that you have the right skills and hire you.

There are a total of 22 brief videos included in the HubSpot SEO free course for beginners. These video clips teach the basics of SEO and talk about a few SEO case studies that show how important it is.

3. Udemy Academy

The Udemy platform has selected various videos and courses from its library of more than 100,000 available video courses, both free and premium, to cater specifically to search engine optimization instruction and practice.

These video materials include a detailed SEO video that is three and a half hours long and was created by Moz’s featured SEO content strategist. The video is broken up into seven portions, each of which focuses on a different aspect of SEO.

There are additional courses that explain the fundamentals of link building, backlink profiles, and other link topics like link prospecting that are included in the SEO free course for beginners that is offered by Udemy.

4. Yoast Free SEO Course

Yoast SEO Free Course For Beginners

This is a SEO free course for beginners who have little to no experience with SEO and want to learn the basics. This course will teach you the principles as well as the operation of search engines.

The Yoast course is broken up into three main sections for easier comprehension: the first is an introduction to search engine optimization, the second is learning about content SEO, and the third is learning about technical SEO.

The Yoast SEO course is also great because it teaches students and their upcoming SEO content strategists the technical parts of SEO in a way that is both very detailed and easy to understand.

5. LinkedIn Learning

Because the platform provides high-quality free SEO course for one month and contains 865 SEO-specific videos as a whole, this is one of the greatest SEO free course for beginners to take advantage of.

The video provides a full explanation of how to utilize search engine marketing (SEM) to support your SEO strategies. The primary focus of the course is on how to use search engine optimization to get organic visitors.

After the first month of free learning, you will be charged $19.99 per month for continuing your education with the LinkedIn SEO course. Because of this, you should take your time with the course extremely seriously.

6. Semrush SEO Toolkit

Semrush SEO Toolkit

The Semrush platform, which is widely renowned for being one of the leading SEO platforms while still having one of the best free SEO tools, provides its users with a good SEO course. Semrush is also well-known for having one of the best customer support teams in the industry.

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They provide over a dozen SEO free course for beginners, and they explain their course to the smallest standard possible in order to make it as easy as possible for users to understand.

While you are enrolled in the course, you will have the opportunity to study with a variety of SEO specialists like Greg Gifford and a great many other well-known and esteemed SEO specialists.

7. Moz Free SEO Course

The Moz Platform is another one that provides beginning SEO students with free educational opportunities. However, in contrast to Udemy, this platform provides access to specialized forms of SEO (at number 3 above).

The training consists of six videos that are all related to search engine optimization. These videos cover a wide range of subjects, including keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, technical SEO, and link building.

You will have the opportunity to hear lectures from a well-known SEO content strategist known as Rand Fishkin if you enroll in this course. Rand Fishkin knows a lot about the complicated topics that will be talked about in the lectures.

8. Gotch SEO Free Course For Beginners

Gotch SEO Free Course For Beginners

This is a platform for training centered on SEO, and it offers a number of different SEO courses scheduled for its users. By far, the most popular choice here is the SEO Mastery White Hat course.

White-hat SEO is both encouraged and taught throughout the course. All of these topics, such as technical SEO optimization and user-interface optimization, are covered in a single course.

You will learn how to generate and write trending blog topics by following the topic covered in this SEO free course for beginners. These topics will have high search traffic but less competition.

9. OMI (Online Marketing Institute) SEO Course

This platform is a digital marketing platform that focuses on search engine optimization and other natural ways to bring more people to websites or social media platforms and raise their online visibility.

In addition to that, members of the site who might be interested in studying SEO can take advantage of the platform’s extensive SEO training course. They also provide credentials upon successful completion of the program.

Take note that the free trial for the course only lasts for ten days, during which you can evaluate each course. But after the first ten days, your card will be charged every month.

10. SEO Training From Amphy

Depending on when you sign up for this SEO programme, you can have the option of watching pre-made SEO lectures or seeing the instructors during an online teaching session where you can ask questions while the class is in session.

In addition to the standard, SEO free course for beginners, the website has lessons for all levels of SEO, including the most advanced level, the technical side of the platform, and the on-page SEO part.

You are protected in every possible way by the platform. They also teach students about the search engine optimization part of many online advertising strategies, like the pay-per-click advertising module.

The one drawback is that the Amphy SEO free course for beginners is not really free; once the trial period is up, you will be charged a fee that ranges from $11.99 to $59.99 each month to continue accessing the course.

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11. The SEO Playbook

The SEO Playbook

Because The SEO Playbook is one of the most complete SEO free course for beginners, a lot of people who are just starting out with SEO want to go to their recorded SEO lectures.

Users who enroll in the SEO training that is offered at the SEO Playbook will be led through a step-by-step process that explains how to boost the organic traffic and exposure of a website.

In the reviews of the course, former students talk about how they learned the information presented in the free SEO course and how they got their first gig after finishing it.

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12. Detailed SEO Blueprint

After enrolling in this course and signing up, you will be required to watch more than 150 videos that are related to SEO. They teach you everything there is to know about SEO, from link building to on-page SEO and everything in between.

Glen Allsopp, who works with ViperChill, is responsible for developing this free BluePrint SEO course for novices. Allsopp has stated in the past that he dedicated the program to the teaching of up-and-coming SEO specialists.

As a direct consequence of this, the program is based on all of the tested and proven SEO strategies. You will also have the chance to learn from professionals in the field who will continue to share their SEO work experience with you.

13. ClickMinded Google SEO Certification

ClickMinded Google SEO Certification

Our compilation of the best 13 SEO free course for beginners comes to a close with this course. You will learn both the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) and how to use its ideas in different marketing strategies.

If you sign up for the class, you will learn the foundations of search engine optimization (SEO), as well as how to use it in search engines like Google to boost website click-through rates (CTR) and produce more leads.

People who are truly in need of SEO knowledge and who are serious about getting it can also receive coaching through this platform. They constantly cover the expense to ensure that their students have the best education possible.

Main Takeaways

Based on what we learned from our research, here are the 13 best SEO free course for beginners. Even while they are all user-friendly and simple to master, each one still offers a distinctive set of capabilities.

However, despite its best efforts, the Eucarl Media organization would not be able to recommend any free SEO course in particular for you. It is strongly recommended that you carefully enroll with the platform that is going to be the best fit for you.

Keep in mind that beginning your journey toward bettering yourself in any form is almost always a smart idea. Because of this, you shouldn’t let anything stop you from taking the SEO free course for beginners.

That will do for the time being! Despite this, you might be curious about the top 9 best SEO companies in Lagos, Nigeria. See you there!

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