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Is it wise to use a web hosting provider that doesn’t cost anything? I’d say that “free” is always a cheap option that’s fine to use, but it wouldn’t be worth it if you were trying to host a website for an extended period. Permit me to elaborate on what I mean by that:

Assuming that you plan to establish a test website, you probably do not have very high hopes for how successful it will be. If this is the case, there is no requirement for you to spend money on the website. Therefore, this is the time when you will find that free web hosting will perform extremely well for you.

In other circumstances, you still have the option of going with the inexpensive web hosting plan, which will not set you back more than $2.75 or $1.99 per month. This price range is frequently used by relatively small businesses, such as online stores.

A List Of The 11 Best Free Web Hosting Service To Consider

If you are in a rush to find a free web hosting provider, the following is a comprehensive list that we have compiled for you. In this article, we will analyze and contrast 11 of the best free hosting services, along with the benefits and drawbacks of each, so that you may select the one that is most suitable for your company.

As this will undoubtedly give you an answer to the question; “which free web hosting is best?” Keep your cool and read along with us!

1. Google Cloud Hosting

Google Cloud free web hosting service

One of the most well-known web hosting providers is this one. Although it is not strictly free, they do provide a free web hosting service plan for those who are just starting and want to learn how to design websites and wish to have their business website.

The Google Cloud web hosting service does provide prospective customers with a free web hosting trial period of one year that encompasses the creation of one free website, the provision of unlimited storage space, as well as comprehensive support documentation.

This free trial for one year will continue to function until the credit of $300 that is included in it has been depleted. After that, to continue using the account, you will have to begin paying for the various other resources that are contained within it.

2. BlueHost

BlueHost Hosting Service

The free web hosting service offered by BlueHost entitles users to one website and a free domain name for the first year of service. In addition to that, it offers free personalized themes, free storage of up to 10 GB SSD, unlimited bandwidth, and customer support.

However, the majority of the hosting plans on BlueHost come with standard CPU performance, which is perfectly acceptable for freshly built websites that only have a limited amount of daily traffic. BlueHost is a leading provider of web hosting services.

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However, if you intend to have a more extensive website, it is strongly recommended that you do not sign up for the free web hosting service but rather for the Pro plan. This is because the Pro plan comes with optimized CPU power, which makes it easier to draw more visitors to the website.

If you are considering using BlueHost’s free web hosting service to run a WordPress blog, check out our step-by-step tutorial on the 10 easy steps to start a WordPress blog. In this guide, we outline the actions you need to take to easily set up a WordPress blog from any device.

3. Hostinger

Hostinger Free Web Hosting Service

This web hosting provider provides a free web hosting service in addition to affordable plans with monthly rates starting as low as $1.39. Despite the fact that the website first went live in the early years of 2004, it has yet to manage to keep up a positive reputation.

The business is growing and now has locations all over the world. They provide a wide variety of free web hosting services, from shared server hosting to VPS hosting, and even a website builder.

If you are just starting, you might want to choose the “Hostinger beginners‘ risk-free hosting plan,” but as your business grows, you might want to upgrade to the premium VPS cloud infrastructure plan so that you can reach a bigger audience online.

4. SiteGround

Siteground Website builder

This company is not only a viable option for your free web hosting service but also an excellent one. When it comes to website hosting, SiteGround is an excellent choice because it is officially recommended by WordPress. As a result, your website will be protected when you use its services.

If WPBeginner decides to host their website with them, they will also provide a discount of 73% of the total cost. That translates into the fact that you will be able to launch your website for the low, low price of just $3.99 per month.

What do you think? The fact that the free web hosting plan from SiteGround comes with a free website builder and a one-click installer for WordPress, in addition to having a full SSD storage capacity and other features, is another one of its many outstanding advantages.

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5. Wix

Wix free web hosting service

Wix, like other website-building platforms such as Squarespace and Weebly, is simply a website builder. When it comes to getting a website and hosting service, having an in-depth knowledge of PHP is not required for WIX users.

On the other hand, I have included Wix in this list of free web hosting services because it is a kind of all-in-one solution for website development and hosting space, which allows the company to provide their consumers with everything they need at once.

When you sign up for the free web hosting service offered by Wix, you will be provided with a free subdomain name. In addition, you will have access to numerous stunning templates, a global content delivery network, and 500 MB of both disk space and bandwidth.

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6. InfinityFree

Infinity free web hosting provider

Because InfinityFree is regarded as one of the top free web hosting services in both the online world and the networking environment, opting to have your website hosted on their platform is a decision that can only be seen as being of the highest possible quality.

You will be given a free subdomain that has an unlimited amount of storage and bandwidth if you decide to go with this platform. In addition, you will have access to up to 400 MySQL databases, which will enable you to manage your website more efficiently.

You will also receive free access to the Softaculous Script Installer, which is integrated directly into WordPress. This is yet another mind-blowing feature. This free web hosting service does not include domain registration as one of its features, which is a drawback to using it.

7. DreamHost

DreamHost website builder

This hosting platform was one of the first in the country to begin providing free web hosting services, making it one of the earliest platforms available. Over one million websites have been hosted on the platform ever since it began offering its services in the early years of 1997.

However, it additionally provides subscribers with a low-cost beginning plan payment of just $2.59 per month for the plan. This package provides you with free domain name and privacy settings, in addition to a free SSL certificate and unlimited email storage space.

8. 000Webhost

000webhost free web hosting service

Since the year 2007, customers who are interested in having their websites hosted by 000Webhost have been able to take advantage of the company’s complimentary service. You can also increase the capacity of your website at any time by purchasing a commercial edition of the function at a later point in time if this becomes necessary.

000Webhost has several services, some of which include a free website builder, an automatic WordPress and Joomla installer, support for MySQL and PHP databases, ad-free hosting space, 10 GB of bandwidth, 1 GB of storage space, and a control panel.

9. Byethost

Byethost website provider

If you want to create a website that loads quickly and runs smoothly, Byethost is the best free web hosting provider to use. You can get one of its paid plans for as little as $4.99 per month, all the way up to $39.99 per month, depending on which plan you choose to buy.

Because the free edition of Byethost does not require you to display any branding or advertisements, you can completely customize the brand of your website using Byethost, which is yet another fantastic reason why you should go with Byethost.

They also provide an extremely quick loading speed for their website, in addition to an additional 50 GB of bandwidth every single month. This is an additional service that they provide. In addition to that, it provides free hosting tutorials and a certain amount of storage space.

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10. Kamatera

Kamatera free web hosting company

People who are interested in obtaining a free web hosting service that has highly powerful computing power should make sure to check out the 30-day free trial of the Kamatera hosting platform because it has been specifically built for users like you.

The platform gives its users the ability to completely utilize up to 32 gigabytes of dynamic random-access memory or the entire internal storage capacity of an SSD. In addition to that, you can make use of a free premium web server that may be modified to suit any preferences you may have.

The advantages of using the free web hosting service provided by Kamatera cannot be overstated, particularly when it comes to the cutting-edge infrastructure and the fact that you retain complete ownership of the site, which allows you to make it completely your own.

11. Weebly

Weebly free web hosting provider

Take into account the fact that this is now the most well-known free web hosting provider for e-commerce. The company recognizes that offering its wares in an online environment at no cost is an efficient way to drive visitors to its website and grow its customer base.

In addition to the fantastic feature of being able to build websites by dragging and dropping elements, it also includes a wide variety of e-commerce tools and plugins and provides unlimited bandwidth. On the other hand, its storage capacity is only 500 MB.

Customers of Weebly’s free web hosting service get access to the company’s premium tools, allowing them to build a completely customized e-commerce website and maybe a professional online store, which is another amazing feature of the service. However, could utilize this rare opportunity to learn how to start an online store.

Get Ready, Set, Start Hosting!

A free web hosting service is probably the best option for you, whether you intend to have a website for the long term or you are just testing out a website because this will cost less, or not a penny at all when setting it up for the first time. This is true regardless of whether you intend to have a website for the long term or you are just testing it out.

After you have gained experience with your preferred web hosting service without spending any money in the beginning and have made the decision to grow your company, you may start upgrading your account and purchasing additional web hosting premium features.

It is high time that you started hosting! I would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck as you embark on the journey of establishing your online presence, whether you choose to do so by utilizing the free web hosting service or one of the many paid versions.

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